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Winter Woes Stretch Into Spring: Where's the Warmth?

by on March 25, 2013 4:26 PM

In State College, it's Spring in name only.

Rich Shore, the owner of Rita's, 119 E. Beaver Ave., said business has been slower than usual. Last year was perfect, Shore said – Spring arrived in State College and temperatures rose to the 60-70 degree range and students turned out en masse to satiate their sweet tooth with a frozen treat.

Last week, Rita's employees only handed out 280 cups of free water ice, and the line – though always intact – never stretched past The Phyrst, 111 E. Beaver Ave., Shore said. 

The National Weather Service issued another Winter Weather Advisory at midnight Monday and is expected to last through 8 p.m. 

Tom Kines, a meteorologist at AccuWeather, said the warm temperatures may not be around for a while. 

"There's really no relief from the chilly weather expected anytime soon. Probably not until we get to April," Kines said. "This is probably as bad as it gets." 

Kines said the jet streams – rivets of air 15-20,000 feet up in the atmosphere that guide weather systems across the country – are "well south" of the Northeast. As a result, cold air from Canada has been funneling into the area and blasting State College with perpetual wintry weather. 

"Hopefully by the time we get into April, this pattern will relax a little bit ... which will allow the warmer air to make it up here," Kines said. 

Ariana Glyde said she's certainly in need of some of that warmer air. She's a Penn State student who walks to class and to work in downtown State College every morning at 8 a.m. Glyde said she knows now to be better prepared for winters in State College – especially when it involves trekking around campus on foot.

"This winter, I've gone through two coats and two pairs of boots. I didn't quite realize the toll the winter weather would have on my wardrobe," Glyde said. "The weather changes so much from the time I go to work to the time I leave. I've learned that if the weather is questionable in the morning to wear boots, wear layers and always, always have an umbrella in your backpack." 

"Through the almost 19 years I have lived in this town, no winter, spring, summer or fall season has seemed to be the same. I haven't been able to adjust to a drawn-out, extremely snowy winter like the one we have had this year, because honestly, I don't remember one like this," Glyde said. 

Kines said there may not be reprieve for at least 10 more days. Snow is predicted through Wednesday, according to AccuWeather

"If you're one of those people waiting for those temperatures in the 70s, or even just the 60s, just sit back and relax. They’re not coming anytime soon," Kines said.

Laura Nichols is a news reporter and @LC_Nichols on Twitter.
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