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With Wildflower Enterprises, Sisters Aim to Empower and Inspire Women

by on January 08, 2019 5:00 AM

Twin sisters Kacie Hopkins and Kaitlyn Mount started their brand Wildflower originally as a way to make extra spending money in college.

“We started this a long time ago when we were trying to go to college,” Hopkins explains. “We’re both from Tennessee. Our parents couldn’t necessarily financially support us in the way that would be best for college, so we were looking for ways to get extra money… We’ve always liked fashion so we began to sell clothes just to friends. Eventually we called it Wildflower. We separated in 2010, going our own ways, doing our own things, but Wildflower always stayed with us.”

Earlier last year, the two revisited the idea of Wildflower. They knew they wanted their business to incorporate design, but they also wanted to empower and inspire women. In the fall, they relaunched Wildflower as the new Wildflower Enterprises, a business which teaches storytelling through design, combining up-cycling and craft sales with classes for women on design, budgeting, entrepreneurship and more, with a specific focus on women living in rural areas. Through the classes, women learn a valuable skill, creating a specific product, and then go on to sell that product and learn to budget the resulting funds.

While you might spot Hopkins representing the brand at craft fairs and similar events around Centre County, Mount currently lives in Kentucky. The two co-founders living in two different states has been a challenge, but it reminds them both of their overall goal: to keep women connected and inspired, no matter where they may be in life.

The sisters split up the work based on their individual skills.

“I have more time do classes and teaching. That’s more my background, and Kaitlyn [has] more of the business background,” Hopkins says. She currently leads classes for at-risk women in Clinton County, while Mount’s focus is more on expanding the business’s reach and revenue.

“I’m teaching up-cycling classes [in a peer mentorship group] to women who are overcoming different traumas, anything from abuse to addiction, or just overcoming the past,” Hopkins says. “I’ve been working very closely with one girl since September. She [completed] her first up-cycling project…She earned the money from her design and will continue to [work on] budgeting throughout the program. We’re really happy with how the peer mentorship group is going. We think this is a big part of Wildflower Enterprises and it’s something that we love to do.”

The peer mentorship group, Hopkins says, is mostly made up of women ages 35 and under and 65 and up, all single. Some have found Wildflowers Enterprises through the local community, others through church.

Mount says that the biggest way Wildflower Enterprises has changed her personally is “just knowing that we are helping develop other people, [helping] other women to reach their goals and learn something new. That’s something that we’ve always been passionate about.”

Hopkins seconds the notion, acknowledging that it’s been a rewarding experience creating a business in and of itself, but creating a business that makes a difference in people’s lives is the most rewarding.

In the coming year, Hopkins and Mount are looking to expand their revenue. They sell products online, but sometimes struggle with transportation and shipping, particularly since they both travel between Pennsylvania and Kentucky to attend different craft fairs together.

“To find the time and resources to expand has been a pretty big challenge,” they say. “It takes a lot of time, but we have a passion to help other women and help them learn entrepreneur skills.”

“Throughout the year, we want to form connections with other small business owners, maybe boutiques, antique shops. I think that’s an important goal for the year, to find connections and share our message,” Mount adds.

For more on Wildflower Enterprises, visit their Facebook page and website


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