Mike the Mailman: Earth Day, Game Day, Ag Day
April 24, 2012 6:00 AM
by Mike the Mailman
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I think a great way to have celebrated Earth Day this past weekend was to be outside, which is exactly what so many of us did around Beaver Stadium.

I'm hoping everyone recycled their water bottles and soda cans. This is one of my favorite Penn State athletic events because we already know that the winner will be who we were cheering for. This past weekend, a new era of PSU football leadership commenced, and again, I wanted to welcome Coach O'Brien.
I wanted to share with everyone a follow up on the pictorial postmark that I have received. I was not expecting to have such a enthusiastic response and the number of requests (envelopes) that I received were surprisingly wonderful.

I am working on them, but thank you in advance for your patience because it has been a busy couple of weeks here in Happy Valley. For those of you who are awaiting this, please know that I will be sending them out to you hopefully within the next week or so.

Thank you again, for all of you who submitted to me for this — our dining room looks more like an overstuffed mailbox and my wife, Katie, is sending subtle hints to me to expedite this little project.
I think the issue is I overbook myself during non-working hours.

This past weekend's Blue-White Game, for example, or two weeks ago, on my lunch hour, I went to the Alumni Hall in the HUB for Ag Day. The presentation of information was very impressive. I really learned a lot in that hour, and really never realized how agriculture influences all of us in every day life.

This event was sponsored by Ag Advocates, Ag Student Council and UPACK. Bruce McPheron, the Dean of the University of Agriculture here at Penn State has always been able to make me laugh while teaching me something new.

During the conversation I had with him at this event, he said to me, "Mailman, people want to 'shake hands' with agriculture three times a day, and for most of us, (as he referenced his belly) we sometimes shake hands with it four or five times a day."

Speaking of which, after I visited three different booths, I was given a coupon for a free ice cream, so that day, I fell under the 'four to five times a day shaking hands with agriculture.'

Another important bit of information I learned over my lunch hour was that in the US alone, agriculture employs 24 million American workers, which is 17 percent of the total US workforce. As many of you know, Penn State's origins were in Agriculture and to this day, it is a very important part of our daily life and community.

Let's be mindful, especially since Earth Day has just passed, to continue to respect our environment, and the people who work with agriculture and the environment to continue their success in the US.
Congrats to the Penn State football team, coaches and staff for an entertaining spring game and to any and all of you tailgaters who remembered to recycle.

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