Sandusky Trial: Gary Schultz's Attorney Says His Client Had No `Secret Files' on Jerry Sandusky
June 12, 2012 9:27 AM
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Updated at 9:58 p.m.

Tom Farrell, counsel for Gary Schultz, issued a statement late Tuesday regarding his client's alleged "secret files" on Jerry Sandusky.

"To be clear, Mr. Schultz did not possess any secret files. All his files were left behind after he retired and were available to his secretaries and his successor. The only secret information revealed was the privileged grand jury information inaccurately described by unidentified law enforcement sources to the media," Farrell wrote. 

The statement was distributed via email and is available on

Sandusky, Penn State's former defensive coordinator, is on trial for allegedly abusing 10 young boys over a 15-year period.

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Updated at 2:10 p.m.

Penn State responded to Tuesday's report that former university vice president Gary Schultz kept a secret file on former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky and related allegations of sex abuse.

"The University has responded to several subpoenas and gathered documents from many sources across the institution," spokesman Dave La Torre said in a statement. "As soon as any relevant documents were discovered, the University immediately provided them to the office of the Attorney General and the Freeh Group.

"Out of respect for the ongoing legal process, the University cannot discuss specific information as it pertains to these issues."

Earlier at 9:27 a.m.

New evidence surfaced Tuesday morning involving former Penn State vice president Gary Schultz.

According to KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh, the state Attorney General’s Office says Schultz kept a secret file on former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky and related allegations of sex abuse.

“Only recently was the Commonwealth provided with a file containing documents relating to incidents involving Sandusky,” a statement from the Attorney General’s office said. “The file was created, maintained and possessed by Schultz. Documents in that file are inconsistent with statements by Schultz and his co-defendant, (Tim) Curley, to the Grand Jury.

“Also, the Commonwealth has come into possession of computer data (again, subpoenaed long ago but not received from Penn State until after the charges had been filed in this case) in the form of e-mails between Schultz, Curley and others that contradict their testimony before the Grand Jury.”

The report of a file maintained by Schultz, who was at the time in charge of Penn State campus security, comes a day after NBC news reported that former Penn State President Graham Spanier did not report alleged abuse to non-PSU authorities because, according to e-mails between he and other campus officials, he felt it would be 'humane' to Sandusky to not report the matter.

KDKA said sources close to the investigation confirmed e-mails in the file kept by Schultz, as well as e-mails found in university computers between high-ranking Penn State officials, including Spanier, Schultz and former athletic director Curley, regarding Sandusky.

The KDKA report claims they all knew about an alleged sexual assault that took place in the Penn State locker room shower.

The documents filed by the Attorney General’s office late Monday indicate Schultz told so many lies in his Grand Jury testimony that it was impossible to respond to each and every one of them, according to KDKA.

Schultz and Curley both are facing perjury charges, as well as failure to report claims of sexual abuse. No charges have been filed against Spanier.

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