Vaccinations: Create Open Discussions with Your Doctor and Detox Methods

September 04, 2012 6:27 AM
by Julie A. Wilczynski
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Our kids are back in school and I am sure you, like me, have been inundated with vaccination reminders, notices and demands.

Please let me make very clear — I am not anti-vaccine. I am against dirty vaccines — those that continue to contain heavy metals. I am against quick to market release of new vaccines — those that are created and not tested adequately prior to injecting them into children, adults and the elderly. I do not like mixed vaccinations.

By design vaccines are designed to “stimulate” the immune system, by introducing a disease into the bloodstream, B-cells are stimulated into action, creating antibodies and a memory record of the pathogen, resulting in immunity.

There are children on the autism spectrum and those who already have compromised immune systems, why encourage irritating it with multiple vaccines on such a frequent basis? But most importantly, I am very against these timelines that conventional medical doctors put our children on for vaccinations schedules. We are vaccinating them t too fast — too soon — with too many injections.

In 1983, the Centers for Disease control required 10 vaccinations for children through age 5. Today the requirement for children of the same age group is 36 vaccinations. American children get six or seven different vaccines simultaneously at two-, four-, six- and 12-month doctor appointments.

That being said, you understanding how I feel about the schedules and dirty vaccines and vaccine combinations I would like to share with you ways to keep lines of communication open with your child’s primary care provider when you do choose to vaccinate your child.

If after vaccination you are concerned about detox methods, here are some tips:

If you chose not to vaccinate your child and he or she is attending a local public school where the requirements lead you to believe you must vaccinate, please know that you are legally allowed to waive required vaccinations for your child. If you do not want to have your child vaccinated, by Pennsylvania law you don't have to. If you need assistance composing a waiver letter please feel free to contact me at or (724) 407-8017.

Julie A. Wilczynski is a traditional naturopath, counselor of natural health, certified nutritional consultant, certified personal trainer and yoga and pilates instructor.

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