Paterno Family Attorney Responds to Freeh's Critique of His Report
February 10, 2013 2:54 PM
by Laura Nichols
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Wick Sollers, Paterno family attorney and author of one of the four independently-commissioned reports refuting the Freeh report, responded to former FBI Director Louis Freeh's response to the reports released Sunday morning. 

Freeh called the Paterno report a "public media campaign" serving as an "effort to shape the legacy of Joe Paterno." 

Sollers fired back, only hours later. 

"Mr. Freeh's attack on the report this morning should trouble everyone who wants the truth on the Sandusky scandal. He criticizes a report he obviously hadn't had time to read and consider. And he refuses to address the critical factual and procedural failures in his own report, particularly his flawed conclusions which have only added to this tragedy.

"The assertion by Mr. Freeh that somehow the Paterno family declined to cooperate with his investigators is an unfortunate distortion of the truth. I personally met with the Freeh team and pledged full cooperation. Joe Paterno's cancer diagnosis, treatment and subsequent death prevented him from being interviewed. But Jay Paterno was interviewed and I shared additional information available to me.

"Being angry does not constitute a defense of poor work. A failure to consider the facts carefully is exactly the problem our expert analysis highlights. I encourage everyone, including Mr. Freeh, to take the time to study this report," Sollers said. 

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