Mystery Woman Facing Identity Theft Charges
August 03, 2013 8:25 AM
by Steve Bauer
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Ferguson Township Police say they've arrested a woman who allegedly used bogus ID cards in an attempt to withdraw money from a bank. It's believed the suspect has been involved in similar crimes throughout the region, including an incident in State College Borough.

The suspect was taken into custody late Friday morning after she allegedly tried to obtain a cash advance at Northwest Savings Bank at 1524 W. College Ave.

At this point, Ferguson Township Police don't know the woman's actual identity. Investigators say she's in her early twenties. The woman was carrying ID cards from California and Texas, which displayed different names.

Police say the woman is facing identity theft, access device fraud and other charges. Authorities believe the woman is also a suspect in crimes committed outside of Centre County. Additional charges may be filed.

Ferguson Township police think the woman was working with accomplices however, no one else has been arrested. No information has been released on the incident in State College Borough.

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