West Penn Power Customers Warned About Telephone Payment Scam
May 08, 2014 3:45 PM
by Steve Bauer
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West Penn Power customers are being warned to watch out for a telephone scam that's been making the rounds.

State College Police say people have reported getting phone calls saying their power bill is overdue.

Victims are told to call 1-800-937-7712, extension 101.

StateCollege.com dialed the number and got a voice message that says "For calling West Penn Power billing department. If you know your party's extension you may dial it at any time." When we dialed extension 101 the call went to voice mail and we were asked to leave a message.

State College Police say some West Penn Power customers have reached a man with a strong accent who claims to be a billing agent for the utility. The man tells callers that he can only accept money orders for payment.

West Penn Power spokesperson Tom Kearney says all the information you need to make payments can be found on your bill. "We don't call you to take payment over the phone," he says. "If someone is calling you asking to give information over he phone be very wary."

Kearney says he's gotten a few calls from concerned customers but he hasn't talked to anyone who's been a victim of the scam.

For the record, Kearney says the correct number to call for West Penn Power's customer service department is 1-(800) 686-0021.

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