Kane Reveals Two Additional Alleged Victims Came Forward During Investigation
June 23, 2014 9:35 PM
by Onward State Staff, Tim Gilbert
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Attorney General Kathleen Kane revealed Monday that two additional alleged victims of Jerry Sandusky came forward during the review  of the Sandusky investigation.

Those victims were allegedly abused by Sandusky in the fall of 2009.

Kane says the two additional alleged victims came to light in 2011, after Sandusky had been convicted on 45 of 48 counts of child sex abuse. The two victims reportedly did not want to press charges against Sandusky because he was already in jail and his legal team’s appeals were failures.

During Sandusky’s trial, there were reports that the prosecution had more alleged victims ready to come forward had he been found not guilty, but it’s unknown if that would have included these two alleged victims.

In October 2013, Penn State paid almost $60 million in settlements to 26 Sandusky victims.

The news about the two new alleged victims was revealed during a question-and-answer segment after Kane released results of an investigation into the handling of the Sandusky investigation. Kane appeared at a news conference with lead investigator of the Corbett review, Geoff Moulton.

The report says the investigation could have moved faster and suggests that prosecutors could have asked for a search warrant of Sandusky’s home based on information supplied by the first victim to come forward in 2008. Kane said that search warrant would have found corroborating evidence to make the case stronger.

“Had that happened, Sandusky would have been charged earlier, no doubt. Different prosecutors make different decisions,” Kane said. “I would have made different decisions. Logically speaking, if different tasks were taken, and Sandusky was in jail, with bail, if he was in jail, of course there wouldn’t be more victims.”

In a statement, State Rep. Scott Conklin said that “our worst fears have been confirmed” by this news, saying that Kane’s report lacks an explanation for why various delays were made in the case.

“There are holes and questions that remain unanswered,” Conklin said. “Today we took a look back to see if the legal system is working to make sure Pennsylvania children were, and still are, being protected under the fullest extent of the law.”

Kane said she wasn’t saying Gov. Corbett mishandled the case, despite earlier calling some decisions “inexcusable” and “unfathomable." She said there wasn’t a sense of urgency to get Sandusky off the streets.

On the whole, the report said there was no evidence that Corbett’s investigation was delayed for political reasons.

In a prepared statement, Corbett said in part, "Because of the complexity of the case and for the sake of the victims, the investigators were careful to explore all evidence to the fullest extent. As made clear by the Moulton Report, this investigation was never about politics.  It was always about the people victimized by this man."

Penn State declined comment on the report.

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