Penn State Football: Hackenberg Talks Transfer, Stays Firm With Commitment To Penn State
November 29, 2014 8:00 PM
by Ben Jones
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It wasn't a secret this season was going to be tough for Penn State.

It wasn't a secret that this season was going to be played by the second youngest team in college football.

And it's not a secret that Penn State quarterback Christian Hackenberg knew all of this when he reaffirmed his commitment to Penn State following the departure of Bill O'Brien.

In fact he has said time and time again that nothing about this season has surprised him. Hackenberg said he entered the year without expectations and without any real pressure on himself to perform at some predetermined level. Ask him about it so many weeks into the season and he looks at you like you haven't been paying attention to everything he has been saying.

But as the games came and went and Hackenberg was sacked just over 40 times and as the offense struggled to get on the same page, even if it wasn't a secret, losing and struggling takes its toll. Everybody knows what a root canal is like, that doesn't mean you'll enjoy getting one.

So as far as Hackenberg's future at Penn State? It doesn't look like that's even up for debate for the 19-year old Nittany Lion.

"Yeah, I think that was you guys who really made that whole thing up," Hackenberg said following the loss to Michigan State on Saturday. "Moving forward this is where I'm at. This is where I want to be. This is the team that I love, the guys that I love and the university that I love. And I wouldn't rather be anywhere else."

The entire Bill O'Brien saga and nearly every coaching departure is a lesson in how people should only believe in what actually happens and not in what coaches and players say. But Hackenberg stayed committed to Penn State when the sanctions were handed down and he stayed committed when Bill O'Brien left.

So there's no reason to doubt someone whose track record speaks for itself.

"I thought it was the best thing that could possibly happen to me," Hackenberg said. "I've learned a lot and it's not over yet, we still have one more game."

"I learned about myself, I learned about the game of football and how to deal with things that I didn't really have to face ever before in my entire life. So this is something I'm going to look back on and be extremely appreciative of down the road."

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