Christopher Lee Steps Down From Leadership Positions in Harris Township
February 03, 2015 1:42 PM
by Michael Martin Garrett
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Christopher Lee is stepping down from two prominent positions in Harris Township.

Sources confirm that Lee, who is currently awaiting an April 6 trial for felony child sex charges, is resigning from his roles as a Harris Township Supervisor and CEO of the Boal Mansion Museum.

Harris Township Manager Amy Farkas says the township received a letter of resignation from Lee on Monday. The board of supervisors meets next Monday, at which point the board will take formal action to accept the resignation. 

Up until this point, Lee was still technically a supervisor, even though he was being held in federal custody while awaiting trial.

“Under Pennsylvania law, he remained a supervisor until he resigned, was convicted or was otherwise adjudicated, at which point we could begin our removal process,” Farkas says.

Once the board accepts Lee’s resignation, the township will have 30 days to appoint a temporary replacement. Harris Township will then need to coordinate with the Centre County Elections office to fill the position on a more permanent basis.

Farkas says this will return the board to its full five-member size, which will prevent split decisions among the supervisors.

“Our supervisors have done a great job of finding compromise and preventing two-two ties while there were only four members on the board,” Farkas says. “But our residents deserve to have the full five elected officials they can turn to if the have an issue.”

John Thompson, a member of the Boal Mansion Museum Board of Directors, says that Lee has been off the museum’s payroll for months. He confirms that Lee is willingly stepping down, and they expect a formal letter of resignation shortly.

Thompson says the board is now looking for two people to continuing running the Boalsburg historical landmark. Though Lee acted as the museum director and the CEO, Thompson says the job will likely be split into two positions.

“We have received some inquires and resumes, and we are proceeding along with that process,” Thompson says. “We intended to open the museum again in April or early May.”

Lee was arrested in October 2014 after a joint investigation involving the State College Police Department and the FBI. He allegedly brought foreign minors into the country with the intent to molest them and possessed child pornography on his personal computer.

He was also charged with indecent assault of a minor in 2005, but entered into a state rehabilitative program and was never convicted.


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