Husband Faces Murder Charges for Allegedly Shooting Wife
September 01, 2015 11:19 AM
by Michael Martin Garrett
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The husband of the woman who was shot to death on Sunday now faces felony charges of first and third degree murder.

Alois Kudlach, 49, allegedly shot his wife Nuria Kudlach three times in their Gregor Way home while their 19-year-old son was in the next room. Kudlach was arrested Monday night, is being held without bail in the Centre County Correctional Facility and faces life in prison if convicted.

According to court documents, Kudlach called 911 after shooting his wife and told dispatchers he shot her after she threatened him with a kinfe.

“My wife came at me with a knife. I defended myself and everything is okay now,” Kudlach told emergency dispatchers, according to court documents.

When police arrived on scene, Nuria Kudlach had already passed away from bullet wounds to her side, chest and face.

Alois Kudlach stayed at the house until police arrived, and later told officers that his wife had previously made threatening comments to him. He told police that his wife had placed a kitchen knife on the counter on Sunday morning, which made him fearful that she would use it against him or their son.

Nuria Kudlach and their son reportedly got into an argument before the shooting, which led to an argument between Nuria and Alois. Their son was in the room next to the kitchen when he heard his father shoot his mother, according to court documents.

Alois Kudlach later told police that his wife picked up the knife and stepped toward him, so he shot her and she stumbled backwards. He then shot her two more times, though he told police he did not remember firing the third shot.

An autopsy determined that the third shot was the cause of death. The autopsy also concluded that Nuria Kudlach was not facing her husband when he shot her.

Their son told reportedly police that his parents’ marriage was troubled by frequent arguments and a divorce was likely.

Kudlach’s attorney Karen Muir asked Centre County Common Pleas Judge Jonathan Grine to set a reasonable bail, arguing that Kudlach had no prior criminal record and had fully cooperated with police. However, Grine denied the bail request and scheduled a preliminary hearing for September 9.

Muir says she and her client are exploring a self-defense argument, but declined to commit to any specifics of Kudlach’s defense.

“I think right now he’s mostly shocked,” Muir says. “He’s more concerned about what’s going to happen to his 19-year-old son.”

Kudlach’s son was in the courtroom for his father’s arraignment, where he was visibly distressed.

District attorney Stacy Parks Miller says the forensic evidence does not support a self-defense argument because Nuria Kudlach appeared to be facing away from her husband when she was shot, which Parks Miller says is inconsistent with her husband’s story.

Parks Miller calls the alleged murder “a sad and intimate type of murder” and a “heinous crime.”

“Domestic violence is extremely common, and extremely underreported,” Parks Miller says. “Thankfully, this kind of crime, a homicide, is not common in Centre County.”

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