Two Charged in Attempted Theft
January 09, 2017 4:59 PM
by Geoff Rushton
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Two men who were reportedly each carrying multiple drivers licenses with different names were charged after police say they attempted to fraudulently purchase a cell phone. 

State College Police were dispatched at about 7 p.m. on Saturday to the Best Buy Mobile store in the Nittany Mall, where an employee said the two men had attempted to use someone else's identification to purchase an iPhone 7 Plus valued at $869.99.

One of the men allegedly added a phone to the account using an Illinois driver's license in the name of John Hanner. When approached by police, he produced an identification with the name Raybet Melendez, 21, of Rockville, Md., according to a criminal complaint. Police allegedly found him in possession of the license used to access the cell phone account along with two other drivers' licenses with the same picture but different names.

Melendez was charged with identity theft, theft by deception and forgery, all felonies.

The man with Melendez allegedly identified himself as Sergio Morando and said he was a Cuban citizen. According to the complaint, he said he did not have any identification with him, but police discovered he had two drivers' licenses from different states and bearing different names. Police said they did not know if he gave a false name.

The second man was charged as John Doe with a felony count of conspiracy to commit theft by deception.

Both men were arraigned Sunday before District Judge Allen Sinclair and each posted $30,000 bail. Preliminary hearings are set for Jan. 18.

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