Penn State Football: Saquon Barkley Set To Be Featured On ESPN's 'Sports Science'
May 31, 2017 7:16 PM
by Ben Jones
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It should be said as a point of personal and professional clarity, that the job of beat writer doesn't entail sitting around following athletes on social media and documenting their every move and then proceeding to report it.

For one, they really aren't that interesting, as far as social media goes. They eat a lot of food mostly, sing along to music and occasionally tweet something provocative enough that everyone can blow it out of proportion for about three days and then forget it ever happened. For the most part beat writers follow athletes because they kind of have to, not so much because we're terribly interested in their private lives.

But on occasion they do in fact,  do something interesting and it's worth noting.

So with that out of the way, it looks like Saquon Barkley just filmed a segment with Sport Science according to a very brief Instagram story that he posted earlier today. (Update: Penn State says yes, he did.)

For those not in the know, Sport Science is an ESPN show that breaks down some of the actual physics and other -- you guessed it, science -- behind sports.

What Barkley is doing with the program and when it might air is unknown, but considering he is very good at just about everything there are a lot of options. Chances are he'll jump over something, run very fast and make someone out of shape look very very stupid trying to tackle him.


Coming to a TV near you this fall, @sb_xxvi enters the @espnsportscience lab 🔜📺

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