Penn State Football: O'Brien And McGloin Set For Houston Reunion
November 02, 2017 7:31 PM
by Ben Jones
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If anything seemed destined to happen it was this.

The band of fighters are back together, Matt McGloin and Bill O'Brien are reuniting. The Houston Texans picked up the Scranton native on Thursday afternoon.

While at Penn State, McGloin teamed up with O'Brien during his senior season finishing with 3,266 yards and 24 touchdowns. Since then both have made their way to the NFL, O'Brien continuing his stint as the Texan's head coach while McGloin has bounced around the league with stops in Oakland and Philadelphia.

It's unlikely that McGloin will start in Houston but with Tom Savage the only quarterback ahead of McGloin following the season-ending injury to Deshaun Watson, anything is possible. 

Either way, for Penn State onlookers, a bit of fan fiction has suddenly become reality.

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