The Makery Opens Its Space to Stormbreak Girls
November 21, 2017 5:00 AM
by Centre County Gazette, Connie Cousins
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Every Saturday, a group of girls arrive at the arts and crafts studio The Makery to claim a part of the space for themselves and their projects. The girls, ages 12 to 19, are from the Centre County Youth Services Bureau’s group home Stormbreak.

The Makery, located at 209 W. Calder Way, is a downtown art studio specializing in classes, workshops and events. It has partnered with Stormbreak to give a portion of the proceeds from the business to the CCYSB girls’ home.

In addition to the monetary donation, The Makery opens its doors to the girls on Saturdays so they can enjoy the open studio. Once there, the girls have bins where they can keep supplies from week to week so that whatever they choose to work on can be ongoing.

Some use the sewing machines, some draw or paint and others crochet or knit. A recent youth sewing class, “Designer’s Club,” stitched whimsical banners featuring words such as “kind,” “loved” and “brave.”

The banners will be hung throughout Stormbreak to remind residents of the support and the sense of belonging they receive at The Makery.

The 15-plus instructors who teach classes at The Makery have contributed extra yarn, paper and other items to the Stormbreak girls’ bins.

“We are so excited about our partnership with Stormbreak,” said Amy Frank, owner of The Makery. “We are putting in place a program by which visitors and shoppers to the studio may purchase a gift certificate that can be given to one of the girls. Many of them would like to go deeper and actually take a class.”

The girls are looking forward to the opportunity to learn more at The Makery.

“They are excited about coming here and being able to use this light airy space,” said Lisa Cousins, The Makery’s market manager.

“The girls are reluctant to leave when their time is up. We look forward to the community being involved with the special holiday giving program to bring social interaction and joy to the girls from Stormbreak.”

There are many classes offered during the coming holiday season and beyond at The Makery for both kids and adults. There are open times, too, when crafters can stop by and use the space to work on their own hobbies.

For more information, email [email protected] or call (814) 321-4576.

Editor’s note: CCG correspondent Connie Cousin’s is the mother-in-law of The Makery’s Lisa Cousins.


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