Centre County Deed Reports
August 03, 2018 1:26 PM
by Centre County Gazette
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James Emanuel Cardinal and Elaine Ann Cardinal to Edward J. Kahler II, Jennifer Kahler and Jackson J. Spielvogel, 419 W. Prospect Ave., $195,000

Orn H. Lucas Estate and Kathryn S. Sprout to Samantha N. Simons and Zachary P. Simons II, 102 N. Parkview Blvd., $220,000


Danielle D. Daniels to Brian D. Miller and Jessica J. DuFour, 210 N. Ninth St., $102,500

Janet J. Flack Estate and Janice Lee Bush to Garrett J. Lauder and Rhonda C. Lauder, 709 Pauline St., $120,000


Michael J. Rushing and Sylvia R. Rushing to Tina Murgas, 226 S. Corl St., $224,500

Virginia Louise Chuba and Laura A. Chuba to Laura A. Chuba, 901 Crabapple Drive, $1

Virginia Louise Chuba and Laura A. Chuba to Laura A. Chuba, 522 E. College Ave., $1

Mary B. Harvey to Kenneth H. Harvey and Olena V. Harvey, 629 Holmes St., $300,000

Marilyn K. Keesey to Wilson Jianmin Zhao and Xiuxia Huang, 1493 Blue Course Drive, $325,000


Patricia Roberts House Trust and Patricia Roberts House to James H. Lanning and Denise V. Lanning, West Water Street, $425,000


Leonard C. Korman, Leanne F. Korman and Leanne G. Vance to Leonard C. Korman and Leanne F. Korman, 205 Sayers Road, $1

Dean L. Summers, Elizabeth A. Englert, Elizabeth Spicer and Elizabeth Summers to Stewart Title Guaranty Company, 191 Summers Lane, $24,261.85


Suzanne M. Reynolds to Joshua B. Darling and Kelsey J. Darling, 1800 Puddintown Road, $220,000

Thomas E. Covaleski and Jennifer L. Covaleski to Erik J. Loss and Rachel C. Loss, 315 Whitehill Street, $569,000

Robert F. Leitzinger to Robert Franklin Leitzinger and Kristen O. Leitzinger, 130 W. Outer Drive, $500,000

Polestar Properties II LLC to Polestar Properties II LLC, 305 Village Heights Drive, $1

Renee Y. Shevchik to Dawn A. Wisyanski, 152 Buchannan Ave., $170,000


Gary Lippy and Annette M. Lippy to Wendy M. Smith and Kevin J. Smith, 321 McCloskey Road, $55,000


Pine Hall Development Company to Seth Kahlon-Har Levine, 1756 Old Gatesburg Road, $324,900

Brandon L. Krause, Mindy P. Krause and Mindy P. Knepp to Dwight B. Galt IV and Meredith C. Galt, 2410 Park Center Blvd., $291,000

Sara E. Babin Estate, Denise K. Thal and Gary W. Babin to Ryan S. Lowe and Mariam F. Lowe, 109 Horseshoe Circle, $70,000

Davin A. Gibbins and Jacqueline Gibbins to Vyacheslav V. Rotkin, 120 Lois Lane, $516,666

Frances T. Russell to Ann E. Lehman, 122 Washington Place, $230,000

Matthew C. Grube to Abilash Mohan and Joshua E. Gaddy, $281,500

Gerald A. Greenland and Kelly Jo Greenland to Gerald A. Greenland, Kelly Jo Greenland, Shaun M. Greenland and Lyndsey M. Greenland, 179 E. Pine Grove Road, $1


Franklin R. Grove Jr. and Elizabeth Ann Grove to Phillip E. Bareiss, 804 Pine Creek Road, $25,000


Barbara W. Swank and Barbara Swank Barr to D. Michael Barr, 1901 Halfmoon Valley Road, $1

Gregory M. Brown and Rebecca Lantzy to Bryan M. Oxendale and Holly N. Oxendale, 564 Shanelly Drive, $390,000

Nathan E. Troup and Laurie M. Troup to Ryan D. Jescovitch and Samantha L. Jescovitch, 5 Bud Court, $410,000


AC Properties Partnership to Charles W. Biddle, East Crestview Avenue, $215,000

GTW Associates to Leslee D. Asbury, 130 Dearing Drive, $1

Martha L. Croyle Estate and Diane Croyle to Bradford L. Holzwarth, 130 E. Pine St., $219,000

Martha L. Croyle Estate and Diane Croyle to Michael E. Smoczynski, 122 E. Pine St., $247,000

Fred A. Strouse By Agent to Terry A. Gingher and Elizabeth A. Gingher, 235 W. Main St., $1


Dennis A. Bird Estate and Claire A. Kimmel to Susanna L. Crownover, 1060 Ulrich Road, $1


United States Marshal, Heather L. Eck and Heather Kline to Vicki McCleary, 173 E. Main St., $7,600

Jacob S. Stoltzfus to Jacob S. Stoltzfus and Emma L. Stoltzfus, 195 Egg Drive, $1


Leslee Asbury to Daniel M. Ludwig and Bellamarie Ludwig, 25 Coventry Lane, $1

Robin L. Thomas and Stephanie Thomas to Shirley K. Wrobleski and William T. Wrobleski, 688 I Oakwood Ave., $286,000

Hung H. Nguyen and Lanh T. Nguyen to Michael V. McHugh, Matthew B. McHugh and Palma A. McHugh, 606 A Oakwood Ave., $274,900

Three G Group to R&A Rentals Woodycrest-Strouse Ave LLC, 1924 Lauck St., $141,667

Three G Group to R&A Rentals Woodycrest-Strouse Ave LLC, 1912 Lauck St., $141,667

Three G Group to R&A Rentals Woodycrest-Strouse Ave LLC, 1918 Lauck St., $141,666

William R. Schmalstieg and Emily L. Schmalstieg to David W. Clark, 563 Marjorie Mae St., $147,000


Valley Business Associates LP, Salvatore L. Nicosia Jr. and Pauline R. Nicosia to Rudy Cadori, Pepper Ridge Drive, $61,000


James P. McDowell and Nancy R. McDowell to Susan L. McDowell, James P. McDowell II, Christopherh Felsmann, Nathaniel Felsmann and Margaret Felsmann, 110 Maplewood Drive, $1


Randy E. Barnhart and Bonita L. Barnhart to Jason Bleecker and Jill Bleecker, 495 Eleven Road, $93,000


Nancy J. Shields to Nancy J. Shields and Jennifer A. Marx, 139 Rex Lane, $1

Land Acquisition LLC to James M. Delancy and Caitlyn A. Harling, 192 Rosehill Drive, $219,900

Ronald P. Caruso and Barbara T. Caruso to Heather Smoyer, 299 Greens Valley Road, $165,000

John Edwin Laird and Danielle Marie Laird to John A. Uhrin and Frances M. Uhrin, 219 Jonathan Lane, $260,000


Troy R. Barndt and Jay I. Barndt to Troy R. Barndt, Jay I. Barndt and Jay D. Barndt, 469 Unionville Pike, $1


LSF8 Master Participation Trust to DDK Properties LLC, 491 Benner Road, $227,000

Levi Myers and Kristen Myers to Shawn A. Packer and Lindsay M. Packer, 217 Washington Ave., $340,000


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