Letter: Fred Keller Is Best Prepared to Lead
April 01, 2019 4:30 AM
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From being raised in a house with no running water or electricity during the 1960s, to his congressional candidacy for the 12th district special election on May 21, Fred Keller has come so far in life – and yet not once has he ever strayed away from his devotion to neighbors and strangers alike. Candidates like Fred Keller seem to be swept under the rug by the media these days. Nevertheless, I wonder how Fred got to this point in life. 

Perhaps it began when he learned about how his grandfather quit school to work in a coal mine and eventually went on to open his own hardware store. Or perhaps it began when Fred rose to the position of plant operations manager for Conestoga Woods during his 25-year career there.

Wherever it began, it is apparent that his devotion to community continued when he was ordained as a deacon for the First Reformed Church in Sunbury for six years. And it continued when I saw him first elected to the state legislature in 2010 and serve with humility and leadership. 

Fred Keller is a pragmatic thinker, not a podium thumper. He has lived and worked on Main Street, not Wall Street. He is about achieving results for our region, not rage. The more I learn about Fred Keller, the more I realize that perhaps no one in a very long time is better prepared to be our next congressman. I hope you will consider voting for Fred Keller on May 21.

Jonathan Hayes

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