Letter: Special Election Offers a Second Chance
April 04, 2019 4:30 AM
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We’re at a time in our political system when individual voices are critical, as exemplified by John McCain’s heroic vote to preserve Obamacare. On May 21, voters in the 12th Congressional District have an opportunity to make a real change, by electing Marc Friedenberg.

Marc’s campaign is focused on key issues: education, the environment and Medicare/Social Security, all of which have become polarized by the Trump administration’s radical policies. 

Never before has a president’s actions threatened our national parks and wilderness areas, our shorelines and the air we breathe. Never before has a president advocated such an attack on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid programs, harming our country’s elderly and poor citizens.

Never before has a president lied constantly to our fellow citizens, becoming a laughingstock before the world. Never has one had so many advisors convicted of federal crimes (five so far).

Since Congressional Republicans are reluctant to oppose him, it’s incumbent upon us to vote them out of office. Marc Friedenberg has so far accepted eight invitations to debate his opponent, Fred Keller. Keller has ignored or declined all but one — a televised debate on WVIA on May 2. What is Keller afraid of? 

Perhaps he’s embarrassed by President Trump and reluctant to defend his radical agenda. In fact, Keller voted in 2013 to oppose Medicaid expansion in Pennsylvania, even though our state’s cost was to be a small percentage of the total.

Please do your part to help preserve the wonderful country we cherish; vote for Marc!

Milton W. Cole
Distinguished Professor of Physics Emeritus
Penn State University

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