Centre County Deed Reports
June 06, 2019 8:36 AM
by Centre County Gazette
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Recorded May 13 to 17


Anna Rae King, Kimberly A. Hall and Glenn A. Hall to Kimberly A. Hall and Glenn A. Hall, 428 E. Bishop St., $1

Anna Rae King, Kimberly A. Hall and Glenn A. Hall to Kimberly A. Hall and Glenn A. Hall, E. Logan St., $1



Stephen T. Welch and Carol A. Welch to Carol A. Welch, 111 2nd St., $1

Robert E. Kyle and Susan E. Kyle to Brandon R. Bleiler, 110 Long Ave., $250,000



Barbara Ann Kephart to David Herritt, 525 E. Spruce St., $1




Jody Lidgett to Nicholas A. Webb and Elizabeth E. Kennedy Webb, 109 N. 4th St., $115,900



Helen B. Warren Revocable Trust and Helen D. Warren to Zhiren Wang and Yi Wang, 222 Woodland Drive, $393,000

Thomas J. Jech and Paula B. Jech to Wolfgang C. Hey and Cyanne E. Loyle, 634 Glenn Road, $445,000

William Michael Williams and Stephen Paul Williams to W. Michael Williams and Clelia Ritter-Williams, 1410 S. Garner St., $138,633.86

Daniel M. Ciletti and Rosemary A. Ciletti to Katherine Eva M. Sacco and Nicolas Sacco Zeballos, 449 Orlando Ave., $430,000

Valerie D. Weaver Estate, Valerie J. Weaver Estate and Barbara J. Weaver to Kathryn M. Heinzel, 1146 Old Boalsburg Road, $150,000

Alain R. Boujaoude and Rita Y. Hubler to Michael P. Robb and Jenne A. Robb, 1272 Penfield Road, $395,000


Norma J. Markle Estate and Ronald E. Markle to Norma J. Markel Estate And Ronald E. Markel, 645 Spring Creek Road, $1

Norma J. Markle Estate and Ronald E. Markle to Norma J. Markel Estate And Ronald E. Markel,651 Spring Creek Road, $1

Norma J. Markle Estate and Ronald E. Markle to Norma J. Markel Estate And Ronald E. Markel, Spring Creek Road, $1

Charles A. Hubler and Charles A. Hubler to Robert E. Kyle and Susan E. Kyle, 148 Marshall Blvd., $199,900


Thomas J. Breon II and Sheila R. Breon to Sheila R. Weaver and Thomas J. Breon II, 2002 Bald Eagle Pike, $1



Jesse Frederick Smith and Carolyn Jane Smith to Craig Newschaffer and Rebecca Haldeman-Newschaffer, 128 Boalsburg Road, $325,000

Franklyn Paul Yarnal to Jay Pletcher and George Immel, 2425 Buckenhorst Road, $213,500



Giovani S. Fae and Aline Da Costa Fae to Jesse T. Moore and Amanda N. Jones, 1125 Teaberry Lane, $215,000

Steven A. Mower to Christopher Darren Padilla and Jacob Donovan Padilla, 1443 Linn St., $240,000

Marquis Estate Development LLC to Tina M. Meredith and William S. Meredith, 134 Cardinal Land, $332,445

Marilyn H. Knowles and James L. Knowles to Sean T. Devlin and Naila Basa, 1103 Teaberry Lane, $201,000

Kirk B. Zuercher and Julie G. Zuecher to Michael Merle Campbell and Kelly R. Campbell, 125 Lilac Lane, $247,400

Christopher D. Finton and Leslie B. Finton to Jason Alan Flickenger and Bridget Bialas Flickenger, 690 Rosslyn Road, $235,000

Minitab Inc. and Minitab LLC to Minitab LLC, 3291 Shellers Bend #707, $1

Minitab Inc. and Minitab LLC to Minitab LLC, Pine Hall Road, $1

Minitab Inc. and Minitab LLC to Minitab LLC, 1820 Pine Hall Road, $1

Minitab Inc. and Minitab LLC to Minitab LLC, 1829 Pine Hall Road, $1

Minitab Inc. and Minitab LLC to Minitab LLC, 1917 Pine Hall Road, $1

Leonard F. Kowalski and Denise M. Kowalski to Chenyi Pan and Pinlei Chen, 2407 Prairie Rose Lane, $416,500

Richard J.Burkett, Sepideh Kashani and Sepideh Burkett to Weichert Workforce Mobility Ice, 231 Treetops Drive, $781,000

Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc., Mare Sarr and Esther Mumbi Kimani, 231 Treetops Drive, $781,000

Walter J. Beatty and Rebecca M. Beatty to Sunhye Bai and Jay Won, 2024 Muncy Road, $369,000

Adam W. Lugibill, Sheila E. Carmen and Amber D. Shaw to Anam W. Lugibill and Sheila E. Carmen, 2380 Park Centre Blvd., $1

Ronald G. Webb and Elizabeth W. Webb to Ronald and Elizabeth Webb Primary, Ronald G. Webb and Elizabeth Webb, 1632 Bristol Ave., $1

Scott R. Knapp and Ashley M. Knapp to Molham Abdulsamad and Rama Ajam, 2337 Saratoga Drive, $452,600

Alan E. Daum to Travis G. Fisher and Shannon B. Fisher, 245 Conover Lane, $108,000


Vince M. Smith and Beth A. Smith to Jesse U. Swarey and Nancy E. Swarey, 173 Spruce Road, $286,000


Stephen T. Welch by Agent and Carol A. Welch to Douglas W. Welch, Kevin M. Welch and Heather G. Welch, 312 Cabin Drive, $1


James M. Lebreton to Adam Plucinski and Kelley Berthold, 31 Stonerow Lane, $322,000

Randall M. Garrett and Lisa A. Lundy to Andrew J. Mowen and Cindra A. Mowen , 70 Orchard Road, $495,000


Nancy A. Wilson to Emily C. Ritter and Eric S. Garis, 715 Brookside Drive, $162,000

Curtis Borden and Pranom Borden to Bill D. Reese Living Trust, Sandra F. Reese Living Trust, Bill D. Reese and Sandra F. Reese, 139 Pilgrim Drive, $439,000


Fink & Stackhouse Inc to Robert L. Stackhouse, Monument Orviston Road, $1

Dora B. Confer Estate, Patricia K. Fickes and Dennis M. Confer to Patricia K. Fickes and Dennis M. Confer, 125 Hunter Run Road, $1


Phillip Andrew Sechler and Charlotte Dawn Sechler to Kevin M. McFadden and Judith W. McFadden, 120 Beaumanor Road #301, $250,000

Robert D. Favorite and Phyllis S. Favorite to Bruce Desmarais and Rebecca Desmarais, 522 Melissa Lane, $465,000

John F. Parrott and Roxanne L. Parrott to Lucas S. Simonetti and Michelle L. Simonetti, 116 Piccadilly Road, $752,450

Bradley P. Wyble and Karoyln Elizabeth Spillman to Jason C. Foytack and Anna M. Foytack, 644 Exeter Court, $405,000

Yellow Birch Holding LLC to Rochelle Estell Held and Robert O. Held, 1948 Park Forest Ave., $295,000

Douglas A. Kris and Lee Ann Kris to Mark A. Sapko and Lauren M. Sapko, 108 Skytop Lane, $570,000

Sarah J. Anderson and Sarah J. Benton to Ruiridh J. H. Sawers, 110 Kenley Ct., $250,900

Nancy W. Taylor Estate and Barbara L Taylor to Jonathan Reich, Joanna Reich and Laura Minton, 541 Brittany Drive, $348,000

Andrew R. Calvin to Andrew R. Calvin and Alexa J. Spigelmyer, 442 Caterbury Drive, $1

Hei Un Cheong by Agent to Shenhua Fu, 646 D. Oakwood Ave., $243,000

Mac B. Gilpin Jr. and Wendy L. Gilpin to Wendy L. Gilpin, 109 Saraway, $1


Stephen V. Byrne and Laura A. Byrne to Mark R. Kreidler and Chantelle R. Kreidler, 123 Pat Lane, $243,000


Scott Etters to Douglas Adams, 311 Kinkead St., $90,000

Andy Shufran and Barbara Shufran to Thomas A. Bair and Christine Gingher-Bair, Loch Lomond Road, $31,000


Perry M. Cahoon to Perry M. Cahoon and Tammie K. Cahoon, 245 E. College Ave., $1

S&A Homes Inc. to Aristalia A. Benitez, Shady Hollow Drive, $300,500

Jason K. Snyder and Jessica L. Snyder to Jessica L. Snyder, 434 Gregory Lane, $1

JFDC Land Acquisition LLC to Joseph D. Cepicka and Teresa L. Cepicka, Rosehill Drive, $279,326

Shanta C. Max Estate and Robert Guyer to Robert Guyer, 1897 N. Oak Lane, $40,048.23

Andrew D. Pierce, Robert W. Pierce, Frances L. Pierce and Leah L. Peirce to Robert W. Smith, 1345 Axemann Road, $94,500

Timothy David to Ryan K. Kelly, 202 Jennifer Circle, $188,000

Berks at Amberleigh LLC, Berks New Homes LLC and Berks Homes to John A. Heron and Megan Heron, Amberleigh Lane, $271,953

Jeffrey Paulson and Diane B. Paulson to Donald E. Larson Jr., Christine M. Larson, David D. Daniels and Tracy L. Daniels, 301 Greenbrook Drive, $210,000

Karen D. Klinefelter to Timothy Fortney and Teresa Fortney, 710 Willowbank St., $35,000

Jeffery L. Bird and Bobbi M. Bird to Duane G. Stauffer and Holly Van Horn, 3325 S. Eagle Valley Road, $289,000


Kyle F. Wiser and Brianna Wise to Paul M. Nauman, 131 Pine St., $209,900

Chad M. Eichfeld and Sarah M. Eichfeld to Steven W. Seeley and Debra J. Seeley, 261 Jefferson Circle, $379,900


Compiled by Vincent Corso



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