Deed reports
June 28, 2019 1:02 PM
by Centre County Gazette
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Recorded June 3 to 7

Saratoga Partners to Gregory A. Peek and Holle M. Canatella, 203 E. Burnside St., $229,500

Daniel Luibell and Stephanie Luibil to Carl S. Foxwell III and Amanda L. Henslee, 463 E. High St., $174,000

Elizabeth M. Larimer to Gilliam Grigor, 740 E. Linn St., $180,000

Robert I. Bostian Sr., Robert I. Bostian Estate, Bob I. Bostian Estate, Cynthia G. McDaniels to Douglas L. Knupp, 635 E. Burnside St., $204,199

Patricia D. Reish to David R. Lapp and Rachel A. Lapp, 325 S. Spring St., $20,000


John L. Buzard to Curtis J. Buzard and Amanda B. McCarthy, 218 N. Seventh St., $1

Ruthi L. Taylor, Dona R. Navasky Estate and Donna Ray Navasky Estate to Timothy L. Bainey Sr. and Delores E. Bainey, 309 School St., $1

Vladimir G. Sidorick and Rachelle A. Sidorick to Jerry B. Ammerman, 608 Pauline St., $125,000


Velda M. Mann to Velda M. Mann and Daniel R. Mann, 111 W. Sycamore St., $1

Kelley Kenneth and Graham’s Exxon to LEJ KKJ LLC, 815 S. Allen St., $700,000

Letwo Ventures LLC to Susan Carol Tranor and Jan Stanislav Ulbrecht, 172 Gaslight Circle, $119,900

Karch LLC to Kohl Properties Funds LLC, 701 W. College Ave., $3,555,000

Joyce L. Walls to Daniel Lucas Marion, Erika Marion, Nicholaus Rorhbach and Melisa Rohrbach, 222 Westerly Pkwy., $205,000

Robert C. D. Nairn, Robert Charles Nairn, Heidi L. Von Bernewitz and Heidi Lynn Von Bernewitz to Thomas D. Trosko, Kelley L. Trosko and John Hoza Sr., 505 W. Nittany Ave., $425,000


Artemas Irvin and Darla Irvin to Artemas A. and Darla P. Irvin and Timothy R. Irvin, Little Marsh Creek Road, $1

Donald K. Bathurst II and Sandra R. Bathurst to Danielle Nicole Boone, Fy Road, $1


Gabrielle M. Gilbeau to Kristina L. Jefferies and Tabitha L. Goetz, 2516 Buchenhorst Road, $234,840

Lincoln Associates Joint Venture to North American Islamic Trust Inc., 454 Rolling Ridge Drive, $900,000

Nicholas D. Jones and Mercedes A. Jones to Xun An Lin, Lu Bai and Liang Chen, 2432 Lexington Circle, $245,000

Thomas Dilella to Tessa B. Recendes-Christenson and Brett Alan Christenson, 338 Creekside Drive, $279,000

TCB Properties LLC to Xin Liu, 305 Hill Drive, $179,900

Michael S. Poorman to Michelle L. Oliver, 109 Lincoln Ave., $225,000

Joseph I. Shulman, Judith K. Shulman and Judith K. Shulman to Clarence Lang and Jennifer F. Hamer, 180 Aberdeen Lane, $514,000


Artemas Irvin and Darla Irvin to Artemas A. and Darla P. Irvin and Timothy R. Irvin, 149 Willow Lane, $1

Artemas Irvin and Darla Irvin to Artemas A. and Darla P. Irvin and Timothy R. Irvin, Little Marsh Creek, $1


Michael R. Johnson and Jo Ann Johnson to Andre Terrell Smith and Candis W. Smith, 816 Fir Drive, $324,900

Phillip D. Zimmerman Estate and Leslee E. Zimmerman to Jeffrey S. Zimmerman, 2469 Harvest Ridge Drive, $1

Mary Anne Williams Family Trust and Mary Anne Williams to Lo Ju-Che and Ching-Wen Tan, 142 Gala Drive, $240,000

EMT Administrative Trust, John R. Previs, Robert D. Stemler and Elsie M. Tudek Revocable Trust Agreement to Jasna Kovac and Siavash Varasteh, 1331 E. Park Hills Ave., $475,000

Pul Point Partners to Yuliya V. Ladygina, 1415 N. Allen St., $271,500

Vidya Mani to William A. Parquette and Ann B. Parquette, 122 Harvest Run Road S, $385,000

Mark C. Krauss and Nancy K. Krauss to Mark C. and Nancy K. Krauss, Mark C. Krauss and Nancy K. Krauss, 1244 Westerly Parkway, $1

Nicole R. West and Jeremy F. Wimpey to So Young Park, 1310 N. Allen St., $225,000

Timothy L. Altero and Ashley R. Altero to Christopher A. Coates, 550 Wyandotte Lane, $240,000

Irphan E. Gaslightwala and Samia M. Siddiqui to Robert P. Moeslein and Maria E. Moeslein, 2045 Sandy Drive, $425,100


Jesse U. Swarey and Nancy E. Swarey to GW Residential, 394 Penns Creek Road, $190,000

Nancy J. Hosterman to Nancy J. Hosterman and F. David Hosterman, 4160 Penns Valley Road, $1

Jean A. Stitzer, James D. Stitzer and Bradley L. Stitzer to BCM Holdings LLC, 230 Bitner Hollow Road, $960,000


Robert S. Selby to Lubomir Kostadinov and Mariana Kostadinov, 1927 Halfmoon Valley Road, $138,900


James D. Rudy to James D. and Kitty L. Rudy Revocable Trust and James D. Rudy, 303 W. Main St., $1

Christopher Coats to Kathy Branigan, Stephen Brunner and Abigail Branigan Brunner, 180 Kestrel Lane, $250,000

Leonard L. Holliday Estate and Terri L. Deliman to Marjorie J. Groeff, 921 Anna St., $258,000

Joseph M. Russo to William McGrath, 228 W. Pine St., $112,195

Loraine B. West to Freddie’s Holding LLC, Misty Hill Drive, $1

Lisa A. Naperkoski to Ian P. Sheakoski, 234 Kestrel Lane, $248,000



David W. Richards, Edith M. Richards and Richards Family Revocable Trust to David W. Richards and Edith M. Richards, 366 Mudlick Road, $1


Scott N. Pletcher, Mark S. Pletcher, Keith Pletcher and Nancy E. Bohm to Molly’s Farm and Camp LLC, 1099 Nittany Ridge Road, $1

P R Partnership to Chad A. Meyer and Sarah L. Meyer, Two Mile Road, $118,000


David D. Bierly and Darlene R. Bierly to Joel W. Freed and Hannah R. Freed, 166 E. Main St., $50,000

David D. Bierly and Darlene R. Bierly to Joel W. Freed and Hannah R. Freed, 140 E. Main St., $30,000

Mark Bierly, Mark S. Bierly and Lani L. Bierly to Mark S. Bierly and Lani L. Bierly, 295 Smulton Road, $1


Aimee Scullin and William C. Scullin to Benny Y. Wang and Shanna Gee Wang, 184 Skytop Lane, $624,000

Carolyn J. Saona and Jaime J. Saona to Isaac M. Kimani and Jerusha N. Nganga, 211 Fernwood Ct., $215,000

John M. Jordan to Mark E. Gazze and Sharon S. Gazze, 159 Hemlock Hill Road, $435,000

Virginie Cameron Family Trust and Virginie M. Cameron to Peter Eichert and Robin Eichert, 232 Grays Lane, $545,000

Oak D. Norton and Gail C. Norton to Oak D. and Gail C. Norton Residen, Oak D. Norton and Gail C. Norton, 1857 Park Forest Ave., $1

Cheryl D. Koltay to John A. Koltay and Kristen L. Dzvonyicsak, 154 Hemlock Hill Road, $1

Bruce A. Desmarais and Rebecca Desmarais to William H. Justice and Susan M. Justice, 126 Kenley Court, $267,000


F. David Hosterman to F. David Hosterman and Nancy J. Hosterman, 4160 Penns Valley Road, $1


Jeffery J. Kittka and Corinne M. Kittka to Jeffery J. Kittka, 145 Sandcrest Road, $1


Michael J. Sypa Jr., Christine Carol Sypa, Stephen J. Sypa, Juanita Marie Sypa, John A. Sypa, Renee Michelle Sypa , Gregory J. Sypa, Elizabeth A. Markley, Elizabeth A. Sypa and Barbara Nowik to Thomas Supina, 171 Spike Island Road, $70,000

Margaretta Slogosky Estate, Margaretta Slogoski Estate and Robert J. Slogosky to Robert J. Slogosky and Sandra L. Slogosky, Warrior Lane, $1

Ryan J. Mostyn and Jayde M. Mostyn to Vladimir G. Sidorick and Rachelle A. Sidorick, 306 Barry St., $220,000

Mathew Craig Houghton, Janie Houghton and Janie Wallace to Brandon Zelensky, 219 Chestnut St, $1


Anne E. Watson to Jacob A. Ilgen, 382 Fountain Road, $173,500


Berks at Amberleigh LLC, Berks New Homes LLC and Berks Homes to Danielle Smarsh, 223 Barrington Lane, $292,042

King Guy Properties LLC to Sarah J. Kamin and Borgan L. Beard, 140 Jonathan Lane, $231,500

Gerald Ray Barner and Audrey J. Barner to Cynthia M. Lorenzo, 111 Keller Ave., $145,250


James W. Fogleman and Rebecca M. Fogelman to Shauna L. Nevel and William Jess Nevel, 530 Goss Hollow Lane, $40,000


Elam M. Glick and Nancy R. Glick to Elam S. Glick and Martha S. Glick, 2375 Nittany Valley Drive, $850,000

Elliott T. Emmick and Amy R. Emmick to Elisa M. Van Cise and Brandon S. McGahan, 170 Lorinda Lane, $305,000

Dale E. Cameron to Matthew Armistead and Kayla Armistead, 165 Meadow Lane, $245,500

Compiled by Vincent Corso


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