Fire Company to Open New Club in Philipsburg
August 22, 2019 4:00 AM
by Centre County Gazette, Teresa Mull
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PHILIPSBURG — The Reliance Fireman’s Club has been in the planning stages for almost a year, and club manager Jim Coble says the new Philipsburg club will be open in two weeks at the latest.

“The Reliance Fire Company was looking for something to fund the fire company,” Coble said. “All the profits (from the club) that can will go toward (updating) trucks and providing various firefighter equipment for the area.”

“There will be a separate wings menu,” Mull said. “The primary focus will be the food and family dining. It’s all homemade.”

The club is in the process of transferring a liquor license. Coble said alcohol will be “secondary,” and the club will host rehearsal dinners, baby showers, birthday parties, meetings and other events as the space allows.

“The public can come in for food, and any active firefighter with an active firefighter card can come in and drink once we have the alcohol license,” Coble said.

A person will have to be a member to sign the book, drink and gamble, Coble said, so there are benefits to paying the membership fees and being approved by the club.

“The money they spend in here is going to help the fire services in the area,” Coble said.

The Reliance Fireman’s Club plans to have a soft opening in the coming week and be open to the full public after that.

From the club: The Reliance Firemen’s Club is seeking to fill full- and part-time positions for servers, cooks and bar staff. Applications are available at Philipsburg Plumbing and Heating at 21 W. Maple St, Philipsburg, or call or text (814) 577-7450.


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