Letter: Protect Spring Township's Rural Character and Reject Rezoning
August 25, 2019 5:00 AM
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The proposed expansion of the Amberleigh development was "discussed" at the Aug. 5 hearing with the Spring Township Board of Supervisors meeting, but the discussion seemed to focus on what Amberleigh wants to do on the property. This is clearly putting the cart before the horse.

Currently, the approximately 100 acres are zoned as A-1, or "agricultural preservation," meant to keep open spaces and preserve the rural character of the area. Amberleigh wants it changed to R-3 (a new zoning code) which is "high density" residential Now, I don't begrudge the man who wants to sell his property, and farming is a hard sell to prospective new owners, but the opposition to the rezoning to high density is loud and organized. We, as stakeholders, are vehemently opposed to this rezoning, not to mention Amberleigh's initial plans for development. 

Mr. Hartle's land was zoned A-1 for a reason and that reason remains: to protect the rural character of our little township. By rezoning it, we become part of Bellefonte and State College sprawl. State College's luxury apartments have priced a majority of students out of the area, and Spring Township should not have to pay the price for that.

A member of the Board said (threatened?) that we haven't had a tax increase in years. That's a non-sequitur; show me on the budget what has changed so significantly that we need to destroy the very fabric of our community.

Jenny Blew
Spring Township

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