Letter: Breon Has the Knowledge and Skills to Be Centre County Prothonotary
October 21, 2019 4:30 AM
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Jeremy Breon is running to be Centre County’s next prothonotary. The Prothonotary's Office is the permanent record keeping office for the Court of Common Pleas of Centre County. Approximately 6,000 civil cases and 2,500 criminal cases are recorded and maintained yearly in the Prothonotary's Office. Jeremy has worked in this office for over eight years and has developed an in-depth knowledge of the filing requirements and procedures of the office.

As a practicing attorney in Centre County, I have had the opportunity to interact with Jeremy on numerous occasions. He has always been pleasant, helpful and exceedingly professional. I have also had the opportunity to witness him serving members of the general public and have been impressed with his knowledge, caring demeanor and patience. I have the utmost faith in Jeremy’s qualifications and his ability to lead the Prothonotary’s Office into the future.

If Jeremy is elected, he will hit the ground running for a seamless transition! Please join me in voting for Jeremy Breon on November 5th. He is the only qualified candidate running for the position of prothonotary.

Susan Bardo
State College

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