Watch Bo Nickal, Micah Parsons And Others Run Hills With Logs, And Struggle
April 20, 2020 3:00 PM
by Ben Jones
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Sometimes the YouTube algorithm gets it right.

In this case, a completely unexpected discovery came Monday afternoon in the form of a video uploaded by former Penn State wrestler Bo Nickal. The video in question features Nickal, fellow wrestler Mark Hall, Penn State linebacker Micah Parsons and others taking part in what can only be described as a completely awful way to spend an afternoon.

And yes, judging by the title, let us just turn a blind eye to some suspect social distancing.

At first it sounds like they'll be running with logs, which sounds horrible, but also manageable if you happen to be in very good shape. Then Nickal starts listing off the lunges and squats and pushups and other exercises that will be taking place between the sprints. At this point normal people just start to preemptive dry-heave.

But as it has been well documented, Micah Parsons and his friends are not normal people. So they laugh, because at some point you become so athletic that the thought of pain just makes you chuckle.

They do not remind me of normal people.

Or maybe they do, because Parsons and his teammate struggled from the outset and never look like a group anchored by a potential Heisman candidate. Watching Parsons trying to leg out lunges with the form of me after a healthy brunch is worth the hypothetical price of admission alone.

This is sports now.

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