Letter: Know Before You Vote
June 01, 2020 4:45 AM
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For us here in the 76th PA House district (Clinton County and parts of Centre County), Stephanie Borowicz is our representative. She is running unopposed in the June 2 primary, but she has a challenger on the Democratic side whom she will have to face in November. That is Joe Waltz of Clinton County.

We are all preoccupied these days with COVID-19. However, the 2020 Census is under way and voting districts will be redrawn, affecting us all for the next 10 years, long after the pandemic is over. In order to decide whom to vote for in November, citizens deserve to know where candidates stand on this issue.

Republican voters should be concerned that, although Republicans benefited from gerrymandering in 2011, Democrats could turn the tables in 2021 because the fifth member of the redistricting commission will likely be chosen by the Democrat-dominated PA Supreme Court.

FairDistrictsPA.com is a strictly non-partisan organization of volunteers seeking to take politics out of the drawing of congressional and state legislative district boundaries. Joe Waltz has responded to their “Know-Before-You-Vote” online survey, but so far Mrs. Borowicz has not despite repeated requests that she do so.

Willem van den Berg,

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