To Keep Resolutions: S.M.I.L.E.
January 20, 2010 7:00 AM
by Mike the Mailman
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Hi friends! I would like to give you an update on how my New Year’s resolution is going so far.

As you all know, my goal was to have even more fun this year than last. The moment I chose that as a resolution, I knew that I had my "work" cut out for me.

I decided to help accomplish this by listing and sharing some of the reasons for loving, laughing, playing and staying in the Centre Region that has more commonly been referred to as Happy Valley. A lot of people do seem to SMILE around here...

S... ports.

I often talk about this topic in my columns, but usually it’s pertaining to the amazing first-class athletes we have here at the university. Now I’m not talking about stats comparing the W to the L; I'm talking about the people in these amazing programs, from the coaches to the managers, trainers to the athletes themselves.

The Centre Region has five respectable local high school boys and girls teams that, between following friends' children to cousins in my own family, have been a joy to follow so far this early on in the year.

M... usic, museums, movies, theater, the arts in general.

There are numerous music and theater venues and events throughout this year that I can’t wait to attend. Starting from right here on campus, I’m excited to visit the Palmer Museum of Art. Closer to where I live, the Boal Barn theater always has a great summer schedule of shows. When the Bryce Jordan center isn’t hosting a sporting event, the concerts there are incredible.

I’ve decided to diversify my fun by adding more of the arts in my profile. Most recently, my wife and I attended a performance called Sweet Honey in the Rock at the Eisenhower Auditorium.

Traff ...I... c (Hey, "I" is hard!)

I’ve lived in this area my entire life, and I’ve recently realized that I may have taken the traffic (or lack thereof) for granted. The term "rush hour" doesn’t exist here (unless, of course, you are a freshman considering pledging a sorority or fraternity).

With one daughter living in Philadelphia and the other in Boston, visiting them has reminded me how nice it is to be able to leave my house and arrive at work all within 10 minutes! I even ride my bike sometimes, if the weather permits, which brings me to...

L... ifestyle.

There’s plenty to do in each of the four seasons (and I’m not talking about Frankie Valli or that hotel chain)! From winter to spring to summer to fall, each season here offers beautiful opportunities.

We are so lucky that we aren’t in a place where there are extreme weather patterns or, most recently, a place that could potentially suffer from a huge tragedy like Haiti is dealing with currently. (Have you all looked into the many ways we can help them even from here? If not yet, but you would like to, feel free to stop by and I can tell you several ways to get in touch with some local charities that are involved.)



E... veryday life and job.

Well, I have two for you with this one. First, everyday I get to wake up next to my wife, who works 10-plus hours a day because she loves the children she’s teaching and helping them learn how read better. I’ll tell you, the reading specialist at Radio Park Elementary School and every other teacher in this school district are making a difference everyday.

Second, this post office. Anyone else know of a post office that correctly predicts the Capital One bowl game's final score? How about one that has a Cookie of the Month club? I know that there have been a few famous mailmen such as Carl Malone, Mr. McFeeley and Newman. But I can SMILE knowing that none of them have had the fun I am having here in the valley of happiness.

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