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Hiking Intro

Central Pennsylvania has some of the most scenic and challenging hiking trails in the northeast - ranging from a little over a mile (Alan Seeger Trail) to hundreds of miles long (Mid-State Trail). Here are just a few.

Alan Seegar Trail

Distance 1.2 miles

Trail Highlights - Virgin Timber, Rhododendrons


Stone Creek Road, 7.3 west of 322 or 6.4 miles east from PA 26 at McAlevy's Fort

Snydar Middleswarth State Park

Distance 3.4 miles

Trail Highlights - Virgin timber


Turn north off of PA 235 in Troxelville onto Swift Run Road. Follow for 4.7 miles

Wykoff Run Natural Area

Distance 4.8 miles

Trail Highlights - White birch


Drive up from PA 879 on Karthaus for 8.7 miles to the junction with paved Wykoff Run Road, or drive 9.9 miles on Wykoff Run Road from PA 120 at Sinnemahoning

Jackson Trail

Distance 6.3 miles

Trail Highlights - Scenic Views


On PA 26, 2 miles uphill from the intersection between PA 45 and Pine Grove Mills

Greenwood Fire Tower

Distance 6.5 miles

Trail Highlights - Views from the fire tower; charcoal iron furnace


PA 305, 5 miles east of the junction with PA 26 at McAlevy's Fort in Stone Valley

Yost Run

Distance 7.1 miles

Trail Highlights - Waterfall


On PA 144, 13.4 miles northeast from the intersection with PA 879 near Moshannon, or drive 17.2 miles south on PA 144 from the junction with PA 120 in Renovo

Rock Run Trail

Distance 7.2 miles

Trail Highlights - Mountain Stream, Logging


At the junction of PA 504 and Tram Road, 4.5 miles east of the Julian Pike in Black Moshannon State Park

Eddy Lick Run

Distance 7.3 miles

Trail Highlights - Splash dam


On De Hass Road, 0.2 mile from PA 144; on PA 144 De Hass Road is 15 miles northeast from the junction with PA 879 near Moshannon or 15.5 miles south from the junction with PA 120 in Renovo

Sand Mountain Tower

Distance 7.9 miles

Trail Highlights - fire tower, views


On PA 192 about 20 miles west of Lewisberg, just east of the Centre- Union County line.

Hook Natural Area

Distance 8.1 miles

Trail Highlights - large natural area


In Bald Eagle State Forest between PA 192 and PA 45; take SR 3005 north from the Christ United Lutheran Church on PA 45 between Harleton and Mifflinburg, turn left on Diehl Road until you reach the junction with Old Shingle Road

Little Flat

Distance 8.6 miles

Trail Highlights - views, fire tower


3.7 miles from the junction of Bear Meadows Road and US 322 east of Boalsburg; drive south past Tussey Mountain Ski Resort and through Galbraith Gap; once through the gap take the first road right, juts after a small pond

Indian Steps

Distance 9.9 miles

Trail Highlights - views, old stone steps


2 miles uphill from the intersection of PA 45 and PA 26 in Pine Grove Mills.

Hiking News & Columns

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Hiking Events

2015-03-28 Family Walk at Lake Perez

Take a gentle walk around Lake Perez with Shaver’s Creek naturalists while welcoming spring and the return of Lake Perez.

2015-04-01 Migration Morning Bird Walks at Shaver's Creek

Take a leisurely hike to see and hear the numerous bird species that migrate through central Pennsylvania.

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