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Coverage for the 2012 Election

The 2012 Election holds national, state and local importance for State College and Centre County at large. The presidential election, according to polls, has former Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama neck-and-neck with numbers continuing to change as debates become increasingly heated. 

Over the course of three heated debates in three weeks, the major party contenders clashed on issues ranging from growing the economy to creating jobs to foreign policy. 

They each have a 'plan for America.'

Vice President Joe Biden, Obama's running mate, and Paul Ryan, the Congressman from Wisconsin, had one debate. 

Jill Stein is running on the Green Party ticket and Gary Johnson is running on the Libertarian ticket. 

Running for United States Senator are incumbent Bob Casey (D) and Tom Smith (R). 

Rayburn Smith is running on the Libertarian ticket. 

  • In the race for Pennsylvania Attorney General, it's Kathleen Kane (D) versus David Freed (R). Kane and Freed debated on Oct. 22 and one topic of discussion – a subject many voters in Centre County have paid close attention to – is what they would do, if anything, regarding the grand jury investigation into Jerry Sandusky's sex crimes that was launched in 2009.  
  • Kane, a prosecutor from Philadelphia running on the slogan, "A Prosecutor, Not a Politician," said she would launch an investigation into former Attorney General and current governor Tom Corbett's handling of the Sandusky case, while Freed said he would review it. 
  • According to Kane's website, she specialized in child sexual abuse cases as a prosecutor. Freed helped close Megan's law loopholes and create "sexting" legislation. 

Marakay Rogers is running on the Libertarian ticket. 

Auditor General candidates are Eugene DePasquale (D) and John Maher (R).

Betsy Summers is running on the Libertarian ticket. 

In the race for State Treasurer, it's Robert McCord (D) against Diana Vaughn (R).

Patricia Fryman is running on the Libertarian ticket. 

  • Thompson has served since 2009. Dumas is a Penn State professor in the College of Arts and Architecture. 

Senator in the General Assembly from the 35th District: 

John Wozniak (D) versus Timothy Houser (R)

Rep. Mike Hanna (D) is running unopposed for Representative in the General Assembly for the 76th District.

Running for Representative in the 77th District: 

Scott Conklin (D) versus Ron Reese (R)

Running for Representative in the 171th District:

Christopher Lee (D) versus Kerry Benninghoff.