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The CATA Transporting Penn State Students

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CATA Buses

CATA–short for Centre Area Transportation Authority – is one of the first things that become familiar to Penn State students on campus. On campus, they're free. There are four main buses for on-campus travel. The Blue and White Loops provide the circulator service around the Penn State Campus and Downtown; the Red and Green Links provide quick access around north and central campus.

Hours for the Loops and Links vary depending on the day.

  • The Blue Loop runs a loop around campus from Curtin Road via College Avenue.
  • The White Loop provides a connection between campus and downtown via Beaver Avenue. Both Loops have stops in East Halls.
  • The Red Link runs back and forth across campus between Innovation Park and Whitecourse Apartments via Curtin Road and Park Avenue.
  • The Green Link provides additional service along the same route, but just between the Stadium parking lots and Pattee Library.
  • The C Loop Service is offered during finals week and provides late night transportation from the library until shortly after 2:00 a.m.
  • The M Line, or Nittany Mall Bus, is also beneficial to be familiar with. This bus offers transportation to the Nittany Mall, Wal-Mart and Sam's Club, and Premiere Movie Theater from various locations on campus.

There are other CATA bus lines that run through campus. Be careful and make sure you know what bus you are getting on to avoid taking an hour tour of State College apartments.


Taxis are here. They're cheaper than in cities. They're (usually) 24-hours. Good for getting home from bars and frats in the rain or if the walk just seems too long for you or a friend to face. Even though it might seem like a far-fetched necessity, it doesn't hurt to program one into your cell phone, just in case.

  • AA Transit Inc—(814) 231-8294
  • Centre County Taxi for Less—(814) 238-7900
  • Taxi by Handy Delivery—(814) 353-6001
  • Nittany Express Inc.—(814) 867-4647

Most of the railways in the area have been converted into historic railroads that offer little in terms of getting from point A to point B, turned into hiking trails, or covered by pavement. The closest Amtrack station is in Lewistown.


The bus station is located on the other side of Atherton Street from the main part of campus. The IST building provides a walkway that cuts over the roadway so you don't have to wait for traffic to pass to cross. Buses from here often take you to other larger stations, usually to transfer in Harrisburg or Pittsburgh. There are, however, some direct route options on certain days. Check Greyhound's Web site at or visit the Bus station on Atherton for complete bus schedules to and from the area.


Parking downtown is limited mostly to restricted parking for residents, metered parking, parking lots, and a few 1- or 2-hour parking zones. So don't plan on finding a free place to park your car off campus in lieu of paying for a spot on campus. On-campus parking is available for $580 per year if you live on-campus. Be careful of parking in the wrong zones; they will tow you. On a nicer note, your first offense is usually a warning ticket, which is replaced by a real ticket if you are still parked in the prohibited area upon their return.

To learn the in's and out's of Penn State parking, where it is okay to park at certain times, the different zones and the offenses associated with each one, or to learn how to fight a parking ticket, visit the Transportation Services Web site at Also check out our State College Parking Page

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