Friday, July 19, 2024

Deed Reports

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Recorded June 10 through June 14, 2024


Kristina V. Roche and Daniel B. Roche Jr. to Anna V. Tsangarakis, Antonios S. Tsangarakis and Maria I. Tsangarakis, 360 Pine St., $285,000.

Paul F. Somers to Emily A. Gorn, 365 Pine St., $120,000.


Rodney N. Wellar and Sherri L. Wellar to Waters Edge Rentals LLC, 480 Walnut St., $300,000.

Scott R. Fravel and Connie A. May to Rodney N. Wellar and Sherri L. Wellar, 333 Walnut St., $185,000.


John R. Austin and Caitlin L. Osborne to Priya Sharma and Alessandro Gubbini, 942 E. McCormick Ave., $685,000.

Beth Gerber and Michael Gerber to Centre 1962 LLC, 222 W. Beaver Ave., $330,000.

Matthew H. Morrow, Mary E. Regan and Mary Morrow to Joyce Morrow and Charles Morrow, 820 N. Atherton St., $450,000.

John C. Haas Estate, Joyce C. Haas, Roger D. Coplan and Corinne S. Coplan to Joyce C. Haas, 500 E. College Ave., $203,250.

Marilyn A. Doris to Mark E. Kosoglow, 1137 Dorum Ave., $688,000.


Fishing Creek Valley Associates LP and Fishing Creek Valley Associates to BRH at Logan Greene LLC, 103 Lantern Lane, $335,000.

BRH at Harvest Meadows LLC and BNH PA Central Homes LLC to Michael and Valere Lawler Revocable Living Trust, Michael G. Lawler and Valere M. Lawler, 192 Magnolia Lane, $424,990.

BRH at Harvest Meadows LLC and BNH PA Central Homes LLC to Tamdon Capital LLC, 188 Magnolia Lane, $399,990.

Berks at Nittany Glen LLC and BNH PA Central Homes LLC to Wendell E. Ishler and Melinda J. Ishler, 217 Kephart St., $392,490.

Berks at Nittany Glen LLC and BNH PA Central Homes LLC to Phillip C. Pondexter and Jessica Namias, 194 Kephart St., $412,650.

Airport Park State College LLC to BRH at Harvest Meadows LLC, 237 Magnolia Lane, $322,360.

Susan Alvarado Separate Property Trust, Susan M. Alvarado and Susan Alvarado Mena to Joseph A. Mattocks, 183 Exeter Lane, $312,000.

Rodney N. Wellar and Sherri L. Wellar to Fishing Creek Associates LP, Amberleigh Lane, $775,000.


Richard J. Porter and Jeanne C. Porter to Nuwan S. Kapu and Padmini Herath, 129 Birchtree Court, $260,000.

Patty Shipman to Stanley Lindsay and Bernice Lindsay, 455 Windmere Drive #1C, $410,000.

Arick E. Bitner and Tia D. Drew to Johnathan A. Heim and Dana Sirois, 117 Margaret Circle, $310,000.

Hannah Weyhrauch Hefkin and Blair S. Hefkin to James Borgardt and Karen Schatten, 1021 Greenbriar Drive, $794,000.

Riley Robinson and Kaley Robinson to Makenna N. Newkirk, 529 First Ave., $376,000.

Lydia A. Perla and Joseph M. Perla to Amulya Yadav and Kumari D. Lnu, 121 Matilda Ave., $470,000.

Johanna H. Slot and Michiel C. Kersten to Driskill Family Trust, Brent R. Driskill and Adrienne M. Driskill, 461 Brush Valley Road, $949,000.

Singular Construction LLC to Jason D. Clark and Kelsey L.O. Clark, 390 Trout Road, $1,015,000.

Karla M. Schmit to Jean Williams, 354 Village Heights Drive, $290,000.


William G. Felmlee, Stacy A. Hunt, Chad O. Felmlee, Tammy S. Felmlee, Holly M. Felmlee and Adam E. Hunt to Theodore Langham III and Toni L. Langham, 305 Bear Creek Forest Road, $127,000.


Emma Jane Nogroski Irrevocable Trust and Diane C. Hager to Matthew B. Krauss and Melissa A. Krauss, 722 W. Aaron Drive, $250,000.

Centre County Properties LLC to Sean M. Gephart and Angela J. Gephart, 421 Hawknest Road, $408,000.

Gregory J. Stewart and Debra J. Stewart to Drew Cornwell and Christina Cornwell, 2564 Apple Green Circle, $832,500.

Sarah P. Weiner and Sarah P. Schipp to Alicia E. Palmer and Wyatt E. Stoup, 211 Anaconda Drive, $575,000.

Anne Hartford to Adam J. Wattis and Mayra L. Pollo, 1029 W. Beaver Ave., $439,000.

Hubert Van Hoof and Marja J. Verbeeten to Anton Bankevich and Iana Safonova, 2398 Shagbark Court, $775,000.

Brad A. Carmichael and Ashley N. Carmichael to Ryan R. Harper and Lindsey Harper, 201 Hawknest Road, $500,000.


Felicia Shultz to Lizzie Z. Esh, 115 Spruce Lane, $185,000.


Patrick D. Elliott and Amy H. Elliott to Amy K. Farkas and Donald M. Franson, 111 Buckhorn Road, $457,000.


Eli B. Hostetler and Katie J. Hostetler to Elvin F. Swarey and Priscilla S. Swarey, Pine Creek Road, $229,000.


Amy K. Farkas to John P. Young and Kelli F. Young, 825 Hemlock St., $250,000.

Qasim Salimi and Ilsa Javed to Thomas E. Allen and Tracy A. Allen, 289 Derek Drive, $875,000.

Diane J. Ishler to Saratoga Partners LP, West Main Street, $185,000.

Matthew T. Worsham and Alison Otterbein Worsham to Man Guo, 3725 S. Atherton St., $370,000.

Karen Mazzotta to Lourdes Bobbio and Nathan D. Smith, 209 Apollo Ave., $385,000.


Michael S. Wittrig and Rebecca E. Wittrig to Nicholas R. Puccio and Samantha Puccio, 204 Doubletree Place, $459,000.

Stanley C. Tressler and Paulette R. Tressler to Thomas C. Wareham, 213 Harvard Road, $225,000.

Georgianna C. Sutherland and Kyle M. Sutherland to Lucien E. Holness, 117 Veery Way, $329,900.

Christine R. Thomson Estate and Paula Walker to Georgianna C. Sutherland and Kyle M. Sutherland, 169 Garret Way, $414,900.

Curtis L. Goodnight and Alainna J. Goodnight to Diane L. Wade, 892 Galen Drive, $292,000.

Chadford Whyte to Joseph A. Holmes and Renata D. Holmes, 2079 Mary Ellen Lane, $242,500.

MT Heinz LLC to Declan M. Brusoski and Stanley D. Brusoski, 123 Amblewood Lane, $267,500.

Giancarlo V. Oritz and Maria J. Cosso to Eric Curtis and Rushelle Bailey, 534 Melissa Lane, $535,000.


John M. Shingler and Lori Z. Shingler to Rickey L. Keller and Gail L. Keller, $211,000.

Austin N. Olson and Emily G. Shover to Emily G. Olson and Deanna M. Grinnell, 1351 Penns Creek Road, $281,456.


Stanley I. Lindsay Sr. and Bernice C. Lindsay to Thomas X. Aufiero and Jennifer J. Aufiero, 210 Hidden Lake Drive, $1,250,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Patric W. McClenahan and Debra B. McClenahan, 2719 Lower Brush Valley Road, $265,000.

Charlotte A. Miller by agent to K. Michael Frazier and Carol A. Frazier, 126 Penns Court, $290,000.


Betty Frank to Nancy Onischuck, 465 Penn Five Road, $3,000.

Doris A. Jedrziewski Estate and Mary K. Jedrziewski to Edward W. Jedrziewski Trust and Patricia J. Hoover, Penn Five Road, $160,000.

Joseph A. Thomas to Harlee Adams, 128 Greens Valley Road, $199,000.

Grace O’Keefe and Grace O. Keefe to Elizabeth J. Ryerse, 132 Faust Circle, $269,000.


First Line Development Two Inc. to S&A Home Builder LLC, Ten Point Path, $84,500.

Nathan Yahner and Kelsey Kerstetter to Corey R. Buckner and Kayleigh N. Buda, 114 Arches Glen Road, $450,000.

Ronald D. Best III and Audra Best to Lauren McLaughlin, 205 Meadow Lane, $315,000.

Mark L. Bannach and Kathleen M. Bannach to Bryan J. Crawford and Lisa Crawford, 219 Two Mile Road, $550,000.

Sandra L. Evans to James E. Updike, 104 Pebble Lane, $216,250.

Compiled by Danielle Blake