Sunday, August 1, 2021


The following property transactions were compiled from information provided by the Centre County recorder of deeds Joseph Davidson. The Gazette is not responsible for typographical errors. The published information is believed to be accurate; however, the Gazette neither warrants nor accepts any liability or responsibility for inaccurate information.


Timothy M. Roe and Wendy S. Roe to Thomas Ismael McDougal, 130 W. Logan St., $159,000

Bush Arcade LLC to Sai Shive Realty LLC, 141 W. Bishop St., $460,000 Joan E. Schleiden to Daniel K. Schleiden and Shannon Schleiden, 153 E. Linn St., $380,000

Harry C. Emel and Tammy S. Emel to Kimberly Hansen, 384 Pine St., $120,000

Tina L. Brownson to Michelle L. Rosemas, 116 E. Burnside St., $175,000

Stephen J. Cain and Ginger L. Cain to Arlyn Badilles Martin Trust Fund, Walter Emigh Martin and Arlen Badilles Martin, 1303 Laura Laen, $428,750

Clinton E. Salada and Elissa Rhed to Brian D. Stauffer and Alison C. Stauffer, 1325 Joanna Drive, $399,000


Marjorie Hurwitz to Ilene H. Schwartz and Marjorie Hurwitz, 301 Curtis St., $1


Cody R. Wolfe to Brett Watson and Brooke Watson, 211 N. Moshannon Ave., $245,000


Taylor Mastro Family Trust and Andrea M. Mastro Trustee to Jane Z. McGarity and Arthur E. McGarity, 875 Green St., $715,000

Fraser Centre Residential LLC to James Wang, 217 1008 W. Beaver Ave., $735,000

Catherine Anne Leonard to Jonathan L. Kuo, 666 Glenn Road, $489,000

Pheonix International Investments LP to Michelle Barbar Ward and Steven Paul Ward, 200 Highlands Ave., $216,000

Ingrid L. Witzke, Rene B. E. Witzke and Molly S. Countermine to Paul J. Hamill and Sharon D. Hamill, 200 E. Irvin Ave., $577,000


JD Fulcher Inc to Patrick Litz, 350 Centre St., $65,000

Michael A. Barton and Robin A. Barton to Alisha R. Barton and Joshua D. Beck, 321 Main St., $1

Michael A. Barton and Robin A. Barton to Jeffrey A. Barton, 401 Maine St., $1


Berks at Nittany Glen LLC, Berks New Homes LLC and Berks Homes to Wesley R. Grove and Ashley E. Grove, 111 Fultons Run Road, $316,029

Matthew D. Heaps to Matthew D. Heaps and Kelly A. Heaps, 311 Millgate Road, $1

Garry G. Struble and Rose M. Struble to Garry G. Struble and Rose M. Struble, 2188 Barns Lane, $1

Sherman E. Lawry Jr. and Katherine L. Lowry to Katherine Lowry, 972 Purdue Mountain Road, $1

Louise E. May to Mar Properties and Investments LLC, 973 W. College Ave., $90,000


Donald P. Ripka Sr. to Damian B. Michaels, Wallace Run Road, $1


Hawkun Development Group to Ridge View Builders LLC, 303 Meadowsweet Drive, $155,000

Brian R. Rose and April M. Rose to Anna V. Belpedio, 303 Hill Drive, $185,000

Fred H. Egerer and Janet H. Egerer to Sarah F. Miller and Stephen E. Miller, 1073 Ballybunion Road, $850,000

Mark J. Argro and Karrie D. Argiro to Monica L. Mock, 1241 Edward St., $372,000


Christopher Daren Padila to Jonathon L. Lower and Emily K. Lower, 1443 Linn St., $265,000

Christopher Paret and Michelle Paret to Hyunwool Lee and Jean Park, 1884 Autumnwood Drive, $487,500

Matthew C. Dancho and Haley Marie Dancho to Ying Sun, 100 Harvest Run Road S., $390,000

Anzi Wang and Dan Li to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc., 157 Red Willow Road, $445,000

Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc to Alex Mura and Elizabeth Mura, 157 Red Willow Road, $445,000

Dan Ware Riddle and Mary Power Riddle to Wooram Lee and Hyeyon Yu, 1252 Barnstable Lane, $675,000

Dennis K. J. Lin and Peggy M. F. Lin to Jeffrey Lee Daley and Blair Meredith Salter, 1712 Cambridge Drive, $563,000

Xinxin Song By agent to Nathanial P. Brown, 2098 Pine Cliff Road, $465,000


John J. Kalmbach and Janice L. Kalmbach to Shawn S. Eckley and Renea C. Eckley, 135 Ira Lane, $1


Peggy L. Williams to Williams Carsky and Kelli Carsky, 1301 Outer Drive, $595,000

Elmer L. Swanger and Lois J. Swanger by Agent to Jake A. Kunes, 208 Homestead Lane, $204,000

Chase Glickman, Askley M. Stanko and Ashley M. Glickman to Chase S. Glickman and Ashley M. Glickman, 127 Dearing Drive, $1

Monica L. Mock and Austin C. Mock to Robert Elser Werner III and Ellen A. Werner, 184 Kestel Lane, $272,500

John A. Lichman and Kim Lichman to Anthony M. Marfisi and Sharon E. Marfisi, 322 Beacon Circle, $615,000


Jeremiah R. Hill and Michelle M. Hill to Katherine L. Smith, 452 Two Mile Road, $461,521


Paul Swyter and Wenchi Eliza Swyter to Suat Irmak and Sibel Irmak, 66 Greenmeadow Lane, $599,550

Miguel B. Cruden and Consuela Cruden-Parham to Anthony J. Decesaris, 260 Oakley Drive, $339,900

Jessica A. Dolan to Jeffrey A. Kelly and Michelle Kelly, 343 Oakwood Ave., $183,000

H. Samuel Fischer and Aaron R. Fischer, 1844 Waddle Road, $1

Forrest Revocable Living Trust, Keith E. Forrest Trustee and Linda A. Forrest Trustee to Rebecca Y. Esteves and Daoud F. Esteves, 158 Presidents Drive, $415,000

S&A Home Builder LLC to Alicha Drew Saska and Jan Saska, 109 Caymus Drive, $344,162

Gray’s Woods and GW Venture One Lp to S&A Home Builders LLC, Caymus Drive, $64,000

Gray’s Woods and GW Venture One Lp to S&A Home Builders LLC, 137 Veery Way, $282,500

Daniel V. Locasale and Juliet Locasale to Jacob Tomaszewski, 301 Ghaner Drive, $297,000

Sharon L. Gifford to Juraj Maksi and Sara Pritschet, 2565 Carnegie Drive, $211,250

Edward T. Searle and Madeline A. Searle to Mark J. Argiro and Karrie D. Argiro, 179 Traditions Drive, $445,000


Jason C. Shady and Melinda Shady to Mateeia Christine Breon, 279 State St., $50,000

Robert C. Geiser Estate, Paula G. Bonomo and Stephen J. Geiser to Roland S. Smith and Louise M. Smith, 593 Mallard Road, $139,000

Robert J. Zampitella and John T. Digiovanni to Melinda Dawn Shady and Brock Evan Shady, $43,000


Natasha J. Dudish, Natasha Urbanik and Mark Urbanik to Natasha Urbanik and Mark Urbanik, 519 Clarence Road, $1

John C. Tobias and Marie S. Tobias to Marissa Renee Tobias and Bryce Robert Greene, 1181 Clarence Road, $1

Stephanie M. Chicko and Jymee A. Chicko to Albert L. Puhalla and Albert J. Puhalla, 321 Wooded Lane, $132,000


S&A Custom Built Homes Inc, S&A Homes Inc. to Stanley Serafin and Lorraine M. Serafin, 124 Gwenedd Lane, $396,799

Jerry L. Paul and Beverly J. Paul to Jerry L. Paul, 143 Whiterock Ave., $1

Theresa H. Riglin Estate, Frank J. Riglin and Thomas J. Riglin to Edward R. McConnell, 433 Holmes St., $125,000

Adam J. Witmer, Emily K. Witmer, Emily K. Dietrich and Emily K. Dietrich Witmer to Adam J. Witmer and Emily K. Witmer, 875 Green St., $1

Zachery H. Rosenberry and Elizabeth L. Rosenberry to Christopher Wills and Kimberly Snively, 359 Lower Coleville Road, $159,000

Ramin M. Daron and Catherine M. Daron to Robert Patrick Zandi and Ann Conley Zandi, 255 Amberleigh Lane, $386,000


Steve A. Reese and Beth A. Reese to Corey Strouse, 1127 Nittany Crest Ave., $211,100

— Compiled by Vincent Corso