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The following property transactions were compiled from information provided by the Centre County recorder of deeds Joseph Davidson. The Gazette is not responsible for typographical errors. The published information is believed to be accurate; however, the Gazette neither warrants nor accepts any liability or responsibility for inaccurate information.



PJP Management LLC to Brendan Carlos Coyne and Mary Kathryn Coyne, 112 S. Thomas St., $190,100


Jay I. Barnt by Sheriff and Sheena M. Barndt by Sheriff to Saratoga Partners, 606 Beckwith Road, $86,330


Jeanne L. Fudrow to Jacob R. Rieker, Richard G. Rieker and Kathleen M. Rieker, 927 W. Whitehall Road, $195,000

Benjamin Adam Shaby and Kristen Elise Eilertson to Julie L. Reed and Nickie Jay Thompson, 704 W. Nittany Ave., $559,900

Pennsylvania State University to David E. Lafferty and Julia Lafferty, 154 Ridge Ave., $490,000


Gail L. Buzin and Anthony Kaher Wakim to Joshua Hoy and Melissa Hoy, 227 Aster Ave., $349,900

Linda M. Sutton and Dean G. Sutton to Charles T. Polinko and Michelle A. Groff, 169 Marshall Blvd., $235,000

R. Gordon Cain and Richard Gordon Cain to Kent R. Cain, 1753 Valley View Road, $1

Berks at Nittany Glen LLC, Berks New Homes and Berks Homes to Scott J. Mattea, Larch Lane, $246,545

236 Fultons Run Road LLC to Deana Lowry and Laura Loht, 236 Fultons Run Road, $229,000


Rachel D. Sullivan to Kristopher N. Hennings and Martha Chantel Hennings, 111 Darla Drive, $276,000


Carmella F. Harter to Neil Aung, 120 Roosevelt Ave., $265,000

Guy Libaers, Hilde Vandevoort and Hilde Libaers to Centre Build LLC, Shamrock Ave., $99,000

Philip M. Spangler and Susan T. Sanders to David S. Marriott, 980 E. McCormick Ave., $799,000

Gotham City Enterprises LLC to David J. Avedesian, 405 Brandywine Drive, $75,000


John R. Ziegler and Mary Ziegler to Jadrian J. Wooten and Pitchayaporn Tantihkarnchana, 1659 N. Cherry Hill Road, $337,5000

Thomas A. Ricciardi and Thomas Ricciardi to Hong Li Chou and Na Su, 101 Gala Drive, $247,000

Rod A. Deitrick and Tiffany K. Deitrick to Matthew A. Hazey and Margaret Harlacher, 171 Chester Drive, $560,000

Donald H. Carretta and Donna L. Carretta to Carretta Family Living Trust, Donald H. Carretta and Donna L. Carretta, 108 Washington Place, $1

J. Bradley Scovill and Joanne M. Scovill to Kenneth J. MacKunis, 3222 Shellers Bend 202, $419,900

Mark D. McLaren and Pamela A. McLaren to Stefan Wisniewski and Hilary Wisniewski, 220 Treetops Drive, $840,000

Andrew D. Patterson and Jennifer Alt Patterson to Andrew D. Patterson, 160 Treetops Drive, $1

Jinger S. Gottschall to Bohuai Lie, 520 Hawknest Road, $300,000

1423 Associates to PKA 1423 LLC, 1423 N. Atherton St., $1,825,000

Neil M. Somerville Jr. and Shirley Somerville to Mark Ronald Desjardine and Olivia Michelle Varriano, 240 Sunday Drive, $420,000

William P. Cunningham and Darla Cunningham to Daniel Lysak and Patricia Lysak, 1244 Westerly Parkway, $365,000

Frank R. Deutsch and Mary E. Deutsch to Deutsch Family Trust, Frank R. Deutsch and Mary E. Deutsch, 1244 Westerly Parkway, $1

Timothy L. Albright and Diane M. Albright to Gregory G. Driscoll and Barabara L. Driscoll, 125 Harvest Run Road S., $367,500


Adam J. Stover, Sara A. Stover and Sara A. Hall to Chester L. Stoltzfus, 3869 Brush Valley Road, $275,000

Brenda L. Yinger and Deborah Ann Dettinger to Joanne M. Gumper and Tammy J. Hildebrand, 207 Ranch Lane, $1


Lydia E. Yoder to Noah Y. Hostetler and Franey L. Hostetler, 149 Yoder Lane, $1


Norman R. Sunday Jr. and Linda S. Carter to Commonwealth of PA and Pennsylvania Game Commission, 252 Remington Lane, $400,000

S&A Home Builder LLC to Haitham N. Hassane and Cary A. Taylor, 40 Stable View Drive, $652,534

Cody J. Borigo and Jennifer L. Borigo to John Vanallen and Rena Vanallen, 94 Stonerow Lane, $340,000


J. Douglas Wenger and Dayna H. Wenger to Robert D. Laninger and Courtney Nellis Laniger, 1109 Karen St., $310,000

Arden W. Holland and Mary J. Holland to Mary J. Holland, 182 Beacon Circle, $1

Elizabeth Joan Potter and Elizabeth J. Potter to Potter Family Limited Partnership, 1763 Brush Valley Road, $1

Thomas I. Cox and Pamela M. Cox to MBSC Properties LLC, 714 W. Main St., $185,000

Aguer-Nobori Properties to Kalynn Parks and Andrea Cox, 192 Timberwood Trail, $220,000


Dorie Adams and Janet Lynne to Shane V. Weaver and Lisa A. Weaver, 828 Steele Hollow Road, $35,000


Gifford R. Dietz and Shirley R. Dietz to Joni V. McCombs and Michael A. McCombs, 153 Liberty St., $1

Joni V. McCombs and Michael A. McCombs to Joni V. McCombs and Michael A. McCombs, 153 Liberty St., $1

Gifford R. Dietz and Shirley R. Dietz and Gifford R. Dietz and Shirley R. Dietz, 147 Liberty St., $1

Amanda L. Leggio and Lynn E. Barner to Denise L. Barner, 192 Big Run Road, $60,000


Edgar A. Runkle to Garrett A. Poorman, 3001 Jacksonville Road, $319,000


Larry R. Breon by Agent and Fay L. Breon to Fay L. Breon, 169 W. Main St., $1

Janice M Smith Estate, Shireen A. Hughes and Paul Hughes to Christie Lee Kanagy, 229 Madisonburg Pike, $156,000


Asif Khatri and Shella A. Khatri to Fanlu Gui, 204 Bolton Ave., $450,000

Brian B. Witmer and Nancy M. Witmer to Kevin W. Wilson and Emily R. Wilson, 161 Stoney Point Drive, $795,000

Henriette J. Noxon to Baljinder Singh Sekhon and Teresa Sekhon, 685 Earl Drive, $368,000

Zhichun Zhang and Jiayi Wang by Agent to Jing R. Yang and Tony K. Yang, 4 Fredericksburg Court, $162,900

Brian J. Warnaka and Patricia M. Warnaka to Leslie F. Smith and Fredrick Z. Smith, 142 F. Alma Mater Court, $265,000

Calvin J. Wagner Jr. and Tracy A. Wagner to Calvin J. Wagner Jr., 118 Chippendale Lane, $1

Margaret E. Kelmor and Kimberli M. Kelmor to Philip M. Spangler and Susan T. Sanders, 2002 Park Forest Ave., $215,000

Catherine A. Boha to Christopher D. Lee and Laura L. Lee, 1952 Highland Drive, $170,000


Jeremy A. Dreibelbis by Sheriff to Freedom Mortgage Corp., 120 Covalt Lane, $3,990.42


Anne E. Vander Velden, Gene Goldsmith by Agent and Eugene Goldsmith by Agent to Alison L. Whitlock, 185 Tusseysink Road, $249,400

Jaro Development Company Inc. to Dustin A. Minarchick and Kylie J. Minarchick, Oakwood Road, $18,000

Thomas L. Lawhead by Agent to Sara Evans, 402 Hemlock St., $65,000

Raymond Willard Middleton and Marlene E. Middleton to Edward T. Myers, 797 Sleepy Hollow Road, $172,000

Barry W. Shoemaker, Marlene J. Golemboski and Eliva C. Shoemaker to Amelia D. Hummer and Daniel H. Hummel, 624 State St., $1

Shirley A. Couturiaux to Noel T. Couturiaux, 156 Squaw Lane, $1

Sherry R. Ferguson by Sheriff and David A. Ferguson by Sheriff to MTGLQ Investors LP, 1567 Black Moshannon Road, $4,422.50

Michael J. Robison and Jawna M. Robinson to Mitchell J. Justice and Whitney W. Justice, 323 Walker St., $65,000


Randall W. Holderman and Jennier J. Gessey to Randall W. Holderman and Jennifer J. Gessey, 602 Valentine St., $1

JFDC Land Acquisition LLC to Samual J. Crisafulli Sr. and Teresa Crisafulli, Rosehill Drive, $231,603

S&A Homes Inc. to Amy E. McKee and Allison L. McKee, Shady Hollow Lane, $280,150

Deanne Osman and Deanne K. Brunner to Daniel E. Stitzer and Bethann L. Eldred, 1221 E. College Ave., $200,000

Richard E. Davis and Cydney C. Davis to Richard E. Davis, 212 Gwenedd Lane, $1

Berks at Amberleigh LLC, Berks New Homes LLC and Berks Homes to Gilbert B. Rayner Jr. and Angela Rayner, Amberleigh Lane, $349,114

Berks at Amberleigh LLC, Berks New Homes LLC and Berks Homes to Joshua J. Reid and Emily N. Reid, Amberleigh Lane, $298,996

Berks at Amberleigh LLC, Berks New Homes LLC and Berks Homes to Reham Aly, Barrington Lane, $326,968


Charles R. Hall and Mary Ellen Hall to Bo A. Hall and Melissa Hall, Dix Run Road, $1

Charles R. Hall, Charles R. Hall Sr., Mary E. Hall and Mary Ellen Hall to Charles R. Hall Sr., Mary Ellen Hall, David J. Hall and Cheryl Hall, 2196 Dix Run Road, $1


Stickler Living Trust and Donald W. Strickler to Raymond L. Stoltzfus and Mary E. Stoltzfus, 900 Snydertown Road, $390,000

Michael W. Strouse and Charlene J. Strouse to Stephen R. Grieb and Ruth E. Grieb, Rodgers Road, $650,000

Ray T. Nolan by Agent to S&L Property LLC, 135 Pike Road, $144,900


Bonnie K. Bowers by Agent to Gary L. Bailey and Connie S. Bailey, 636 Reese Hollow Road, $82,164.95