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Music at Penn’s Woods Concert Returning to Arboretum

It’s a combination that a lot of people find hard to resist — the natural beauty of Penn State’s botanical gardens mixed with the sweet sounds of classical music.

And that combination will take center stage when the popular Music at Penn’s Woods concert series returns Wednesday evening.

The Music in the Gardens event allows visitors to stroll through the arboretum grounds while they’re serenaded by groups of musicians scattered across the sprawling complex.

“For the first hour of the gardens, these musicians are in the garden rooms and people wander through the gardens while listening to the musicians,” says Russell Bloom, who helps oversee Music at Penn’s Woods. “Then after the hour is over we bring everyone back to the event lawn and that’s when the musicians that were playing in the individual gardens come on the stage to perform in front of all the guests.”

The concerts have been very successful in the past and organizers hope to draw big crowds again this year.

“The first year we were expecting 200 people and we had 500,” says Bloom. “Last year we were expecting 500 and had over 800 so this year I’m expecting a thousand.”

According to Bloom, even with all the people and music going on, it’s a relaxing way to spend an evening.

“With 800 people it’s still very quiet,” says Bloom. “You hear the occasional children laughing and running around but for the most part, when the people come into the garden there’s a hush and you literally hear the music interchange between the garden rooms.”

The outdoor performances are intended to be an opportunity for people to unwind and leave their worries behind.

“It’s the perfect pairing of nature and music that will leave a person who attends with an unexpected experience,” says Bloom.

Music in the Gardens will begin at 6:30 p.m. on June 10th.

The Music at Penn’s Woods continues with weekly concerts through the month of June. Click here for additional information about Music in the Gardens and upcoming performances.


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