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Town&Gown January 2020

Roots of the Family Tree: Genealogy research has delivered eye-opening – even life-changing – results for some Centre County family detectives - Mike Dawson, Town&Gown

Genealogy research feels a lot like detective work. For years, I’d been puzzled why my mom’s family doesn’t appear in the 1930 Census. My maternal grandmother, Suzanne Williams, was the middle child of Frank and Mary Williams, whose families were turn-of-the-century immigrants to

Letter from the Publisher: You Say You Want a Resolution…

Happy New Year! Can you believe it is 2020? The New Year means a new start. A new list of resolutions to make and break, or maybe not. I have resolved every year for the past 30 to lose weight. Unfortunately, I seem to be going in the other direction. At 6-foot-1 and weighing in at 275 pounds, I

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Artist of the Month: Musician Caryn Dixon is living her dream

Caryn Dixon is a local professional musician, singer, and songwriter. Her style could be described as indie-pop or indie-folk and her performances are both engaging and enjoyable. Caryn’s influences include Sarah McLachlan, Jewel, Natalie Merchant, Vance Joy, Billie Eilish, the Beatles, and

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On Center: Kronos Quartet to perform music from Muslim-majority nations at Penn State

For more than four decades, Kronos Quartet has been introducing American audiences to the works of composers from the far-flung corners of the world. But when the San Francisco ensemble comes to Penn State next month, it will perform a program prompted by a political debate about specific

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Letter from the Editor: Exploring Family History

My attempts at mapping my family history have been scattershot at best. Growing up, it was generally understood by my family – the Brackenburys and the Kings (my mom’s maiden name) – that our ancestors hailed from England. Details beyond that were scant, at least to me. Like a

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Help Me! I Need to Exercise Smarter

When I get up from the couch while relaxing with my family at the end of the day, I start making the sounds of a man in pain. “Eh, ouch, ugh,” I say under my breath as I start walking around the house, because of the pain in my feet, my hips, my knees, or wherever else I’m feeling

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Q&A with Marisa Vicere of the Jana Marie Foundation on the Mokita Dialogues and ‘elephants in the room’

Stomping out the stigma, the Jana Marie Foundation is dedicated to spreading mental health awareness through the creative expression of art. From concerts to open-dialogue events, the foundation is one of the leading resources in Centre County for mental health support. One of the

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Lunch with Mimi: Becky Aungst leads Skills of Central Pennsylvania

Celebrating its 60th anniversary, Skills of Central Pennsylvania is a nonprofit serving 17 counties throughout the region. Becky Aungst, president and CEO of Skills of Central Pennsylvania, oversees the organization’s wide variety of services that support individuals with behavioral health,

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Snapshot: Bruce Trinkley, Nittany Valley Symphony will give youngsters a taste of live, classical music – with a little help from dinosaurs

Each year, the Nittany Valley Symphony performs a family concert designed for young listeners and their parents. This year, the family concert’s theme is Dinosaurs on Parade, with works centered on everyone’s favorite ancient reptiles. On the program is a piece by Bruce Trinkley,

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Taste of the Month: The rebranded Mike’s Wood Grill & Bar offers unique flavors and aromas

Food cooked on a wood grill has that distinctive smoky flavor that comes from the high, dry heat that caramelizes the proteins in meats and the plant sugars in vegetables. The former Luna 2, at 2609 East College Avenue in State College, reopened in late June as Mike’s Wood Grill & Bar.

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