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Penn State Book Stores

PSU Book Stores

The Student Book Store

a.k.a. Big Blue on the Corner, a.k.a. SBS. The Student Book Store is located at 330 E. College Avenue, on the corner. It is usually pretty crowded towards the beginning of the semester, with good reason. They have a large supply of new and used books being used for classes and often carry the specialized notebooks necessary for some classes. Though they have a huge supply, they're also extremely convenient, so get there early if you need any high-demand books.

Webster's Bookstore Cafe

Webster's is the used book/coffee shop located on Allen Street. Their coffee is delicious and they stress environmentally and socially conscious products in their shop. Some teachers will order books specifically to Webster's to support the smaller local business. Even if books aren't ordered specifically for your class, the used book section is cycled through State College, so there's a good chance you'll find what you're looking for.

B. Dalton Bookseller

This store is found in the Nittany Mall. You're not going to find any textbooks here, but many current titles and classics are available for purchase.

Barnes and Noble

I will voice my only complaint about the local B&N first: there is no music section in this one. However, every other element is there, from the cafe to the huge variety of titles and shelves to browse through. A diverse selection of magazines and journals are available, as well, and lots of reading spaces are scattered throughout the store.

Penn State Book Store

This is the one located on campus in the HUB-Robeson Center. One of the perks of the on-campus shop, aside from convenience, is the online feature that allows you to pre-order your books and simply pick them up at the store. You can choose from new and used copies of the books ordered by the teacher. There is also convenience in the ability to print out your exact book list by scanning your ID at the in-store computers–a feature unavailable at the downtown stores. One downfall is that, since this is the most convenient resource once classes are in session, they often run out of copies more quickly than other book outlets. They have pretty adequate supplies, though, so don't let that deter you.

Penn State Book Store
Penn State Book Store

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