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Fuji & Jade Garden

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Fuji & Jade Garden Information


Fuji & Jade Garden closes daily at 3pm and re-opens for dinner at 4:30pm. Please read our Terms of Service before placing your order.

For online orders: PLEASE double-check your order before you send it!  Once your payment has been processed, we cannot make changes to your order.  If you would like to add onto an existing order, you will simply need to place an additional order.  (All minimum order requirements must be fulfilled.)  Appropriate utensils and basic sauces are  generally provided with your meal.   If a special request requires an upcharge, your request will not be honored unless the charge appears on your bill.  (This means you must choose that upcharge from the various options provided.)  Also, please reserve the "memo" field for important things such as allergy information.  This allows us to process your order more efficiently.

CREDIT CARD CUSTOMERS (TAKE-OUT):  If you plan to use a credit card on a pick-up order, you MUST bring the credit card with you to the restaurant. Additionally the person whose name is on the card MUST be present to sign.    

CREDIT CARD CUSTOMERS (DELIVERY):  When the driver arrives... we MUST be able to see both the CARD used for the transaction AS WELL AS the person whose name appears on the card!  If you cannot provide this, then we regret that we cannot accept your order.  (This means that we cannot accept pre-paid orders for other people!)    


FUJI & JADE GARDEN's delivery radius ends:

...(North-west) at Valley Vista Dr. [Sheetz] 

...(North-east) at Shiloh Rd. [Sheetz]

...(South-east) at Rosslyn & Earlystown Rd. (rt. 45-E) [Kelly's] 

...(South-west) at W.College & Whitehall Rd. [Uni-Mart]





418 Westerly Parkway
State College, PA 16801-5903



Hours for Thursday

11:00am - 9:45pm Closed

Delivery for Thursday

11:00am - 9:40pm Closed

Fuji & Jade Garden Hours
Day   Hours Delivery
Sunday   12:30pm - 9:45pm 12:01pm - 9:40pm
Monday   11:00am - 9:45pm 11:00am - 9:40pm
Tuesday   11:00am - 9:45pm 11:00am - 9:40pm
Wednesday   11:00am - 9:45pm 11:00am - 9:40pm
Thursday   11:00am - 9:45pm 11:00am - 9:40pm
Friday   11:00am - 10:45pm 11:00am - 10:40pm
Saturday   11:00am - 10:45pm 12:01pm - 10:40pm
Fuji & Jade Garden Delivery Methods
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Average delivery time: 50 minutes
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FUJI - JADE LUNCH : Chinese Appetizers (冷盘)

Select from the list of items below.


1.) Roast Pork Egg Roll

~ Minced pork and shredded cabbage wrapped in wonton skin, then deep-fried



2.) Shrimp Egg Roll

~ Baby shrimp and shredded cabbage wrapped in wonton skin, then deep fried



3.) Spring Roll

~ Shredded cabbage, mushroom, carrots and ginger fried inside a crispy shell (vegetarian)



4.) Vegetable Egg Roll

~ Shredded cabbage, mushroom, carrots and ginger… fried inside wonton skin



5.) Fantail Shrimp

~ Large butterfly shrimp, deep-fried in batter-dipped wonton skin (3-pc.)



6.) Shrimp Toast

~ Deep-fried triangles of egg-washed bread, stuffed with minced shrimp, pork, water chestnut (4-pc.)



7.) Fried Wonton

~ Deep-fried wonton skin, stuffed with seasoned pork and scallion (10-pc.)



8.) Pork Dumplings

{ Fried -or- Steamed } ~ Our homemade pot-stickers, stuffed with seasoned pork and ginger... Served with sauce for dipping (6-pc.)



9.) Vegetable Dumplings

{ Fried -or- Steamed, best steamed } ~ Homemade pot-stickers, stuffed with cabbage, broccoli, carrot, ginger and mushroom... Served with sauce for dipping (6-pc.)



10.) Shrimp Dumplings

{ Fried -or- Steamed, best steamed } ~ Pot-stickers stuffed with minced shrimp, cabbage, carrot and ginger... Served with sauce for dipping (6-pc.)



11.) BBQ Spare-Ribs

(Spicy upon request) ~ Seasoned with Chinese five-spice and smoked to perfection on the premises



12.) BBQ Roast Pork

~ Tender sliced pork in a sweet demi-glaze... A great match with our Hawaiian sushi-roll!



13.) BBQ Steak

~ Two seasoned beef skewers



14.) Cold Sesame Noodles

~ Lo-mein noodles tossed with a chilled sesame-peanut sauce



15.) Pu-Pu Platter (for two)

~ BBQ steak, cheese wontons, fantail shrimp, shrimp toast, ribs and 2 spring rolls... Served with sauce for dipping! It’s the original appetizer sampler—great for sharing between two to four people!



16.) Boneless BBQ Spare-Ribs

(Spicy upon request) ~ Seasoned with Chinese five-spice and smoked to perfection on the premises



17.) Fried Crabstick

~ Breaded, deep-fried crabstick (2-pc.)



18.) Scallion Pancake

~ Hand-stretched, pan-fried scallion flatbread... Served with sauce for dipping



19.) Cheese Wontons

(aka Crab Rangoon) ~ Fried wonton skin stuffed with seasoned cream cheese, scallion and minced crabstick (8-pc.)


Disclaimer: * All prices are believed to be accurate but are subject to change and my vary slightly from actual prices. * Images shown are used for display purposes and may not accurately represent product.