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Get in the Right Mindset for Retirement

Switching your mindset is one of the most challenging things about getting ready for retirement. You’ll no longer be getting a salary. You’ll be living off the money you’ve spent your whole life saving. This change can be hard for people to wrap their heads around, and the recent experiences of inflation and market turmoil have added more anxiety.

So what does this switch in mindset actually mean? It means you’re looking at aspects for your retirement with an eye toward:

  • Results instead of returns
  • Tax efficiency
  • Managing retirement risks
  • Creating sustainable income 
  • Monitoring cashflow

It’s a big change. We understand the anxiety, the questions and the emotions that come with contemplating retirement. Most importantly, we all know things continue to change as life evolves: health, family, disability and a thousand other possibilities. By nature, a good retirement plan is fluid — it should be a living, breathing strategy that is tended to by you and your advisor.

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