Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Judy Loy

Judy Loy, ChFCâ, is a Registered Investment Advisor and CEO at Nestlerode & Loy Investment Advisors, State College, Pa. A graduate of Penn State University, Loy has been with the firm since 1992, assisting clients with retirement planning, brokerage services and investment advice. She can be reached at

What Inflation?

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Why is inflation important to you? Inflation lowers the buying power of your money. You may live comfortably on $75,000 now but even in 10 years (18 years is the average time in retirement) with the current low interest rates, you would need $89,475 to purchase the same things (based on inflation fr

Finally, Some Good News

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Finally, some good news in 2020. The Steelers are still undefeated as of this writing, two pharmaceuticals are reporting successful COVID-19 vaccine results and the election is over (well, everything but the lawsuits). The stock markets are reacting favorably, although I do not think the Steelers’