Sunday, July 25, 2021

Pine Grove Mills

In 1791,Thomas Ferguson, who is credited with founding Pine Grove Mills, bought 321 acres of land for 300 pounds in gold and silver coins. In 1800, he dammed Slab Cabin Run and built the first of his mills. According to local history, a grove of pine trees separating two of the early mills along the run provided the rest of the name.

Pine Grove Mills is a small, close-knit community of 4.3 square miles and approximately 1200 inhabitants. There are a variety of home styles, from Victorian homes to mountain retreats.  The town boasts a tavern, dairy store, post office, and elementary school, as well as, a few other businesses.

Pine Grove Mills is a common destination for hikers and bikers, in addition to those who just want to survey the surrounding rural landscape from the scenic high-altitude lookout not far from the town’s center.

Pine Grove Mills is also just a short drive from Whipple Dam State Park and Shavers Creek Environmental Center.