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Centre County Deed report

RECORDED June 26-30



Beatriz M. Osterried and Otto E. Osterried to Dennis Becke, 421 E. Bishop St., Bellefonte, $145,000



Village of Nittany Glen LP to Sheryl A. Stout, 104 Gravel Hill Road, State College, $187,945

Continental Courts Joint Venture to Allen L. Strouse and Treva J. Deibler, Buffalo Run Road, Bellefonte, $1

John C. Decker, Cora T. Decker and Corazon T. Decker to Leslie A. Roberts and Paul S. Roberts, 660 Rock Road, Bellefonte, $228,500



84 Properties LLC to TEEJ Enterprises Limited Partnership, 150 Aqua Penn Drive, Centre Hall, $10

Eric J. Robb and Rachel M. Robb to Travis L. Park, 605 Market St., Bellefonte, $160,000



S&A Homes Inc. to Conchita C. Godinez and Reynaldo Godinez, 110 Windrush Road, State College, $410,660

Steven M. Gaddis Jr. and Carrie N. Fox to Daniel T. Brockman, 3513 S. Atherton St., State College, $225,000


Sheila R. Breon, Shelia R. Weaver and Thomas J. Breon to Sheila R. Weaver, 100 Me Ma Lane, Howard, $1

James R. Ausherman and Jill H. Ausherman to Yubraj Acharya and Supriya Joshi, 104 Julian Drive, State College, $239,900

Wook J. Nam and Sunghyun Park to James R. Ausherman and Jill H. Ausherman, 126 Macduff Circle, State College, $427,000

Joyce D. Wilson to DarkoVranic and Erica Vranic, 109 Rhaubert Circle, State College, $250,000



Benjamin D. Locke and Deanna L. Locke to Rustin D. Meyer and Hollie L. Meyer, 665 Herkshire Drive, State College, $329,000

Thomas Ciavarella and Marites Ciavarella to Thomas J. Ciavarelle and Marites D. Ciavarelle, 1271 Tadpole Road, Penn Furnace, $1

Xueyi Zhang and Mengzhao Gao to Xinghai Zhao and Qing Liu, 741 Partridge Lane, State College, $290,000

Gary R. Twoey and Kathleen D. Twoey to Kelly O. Rosinger and Asher Y. Rosinger, 109 S. Harvest Run Road, State College, $340,000

Jeffrey A. Thompson and Robin R. Thompson to Calvin B. Lin, 151 Rushcliffe St., State College, $445,000

David C. Koah and Jean L. Koah to Ryan T. Rosensteel and Danielle O. Rosensteel, 925 Breezewood Drive, State College, $407,000

Jian Yang and Chao Liu to Vaughn E. Whisker and Elizabeth N. Sechler, 2317 Autumnwood Drive, State College, $375,000

Lenna Neff and Verne Neff to Tracey Noel, 1943 Harvest Circle, State College, $209,900

Daniel L. Anderson and Julie B. Anderson to Gregory S. Larrimore and Lisa M. Larrimore, 1771 Circleville Road, State College, $268,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Vernon Davis and Daniel W. Scott, 376 Cogan Circle, Centre Hall, $198,984

Wayne G. Bickle, Kay E. Bickle and Kaye E. Bickle to Wayne G. Bickle, Kaye E. Bickle, Stuart W. Bickle, Richard L. Bickle and Terry A. Bickle, 1306 Harris St., State College, $1

Kathleen M. Mayberry and Steven Pierce to Daniel J. Anderson and Julie B. Anderson, 2337 Sagamore Drive, State College, $400,000

Ralph F. Brower estate and Joan H. Brower, executrix, to Ralph F. Brower Family Trust, Joan H. Brower, co-trustee, and Michael D. Brower, co-trustee, 1612 N. Atherton St., State College, $1

Pine Hall Development Company to Min Ding and Hong Lu, 1766 Old Gatesburg Road, State College, $338,000

Eric I. Gulley and Nancy A. Gulley to Todd C. Lajeunesse and Sara D. Lajeunesse, 2037 Autumnwood Drive, State College, $474,000

Don L. Hall and Marlene L. Hall to Stephen C. Wolf, 1231 E. Park Hills Ave., Madera, $257,000

Robert L. Rohrbaugh and Carola M. Rohrbaugh to Brandon M. Nelen, 1239 Circleville Road, Pine Grove Mills, $233,000

Runze Li and Yan Fang to Swaroop Ghosh and Soumita Roy, 1905 Autumnwood Drive, State College, $450,200



Frederick D. Shingara and Daniel Shingara to Scott A. Baylets, 198 Lingle Valley Road, Spring Mills, $150,000

ALK-Abello Source Materials Inc. to Spring Mills Lab LLC, 1095 Upper Georges Valley Road, Spring Mills, $225,000

Paul T. Berkobin by sheriff to Branch Banking and Trust Company, Blue Ball Road, Gregg, $4,345.66


Corey S. Dillon and Emily Dillon to Mark A. Paget and Kristina M. Paget, 125 Shanelly Drive, Port Matilda, $329,000

Donna Lynne and Ken Vaux to Bradley A. Kozlek and Christine M. Kozlek, 99 Indigo Lane, Port Matilda, $83,000

Robert J. Eberhart to Rachel A. Brennan, 27 Mahala St., Port Matilda, $400,000



Patricia Hubler to West Crest Properties LLC, 232 Belle Ave., Boalsburg, $71,000

Neal C. Cromarty and Amelia E. Cromarty to Waldenheim LLC, 120 W. Crestview Ave., State College, $568,000

Daryl L. Biberdorf and Dea L. Biberdorf to Michael T. Smitka and Karen P. Smitka, 613 Beaumont Drive, State College, $267,000

Debra D. Fisher, Richard J. Cyr and Richard Cyr to Gary R. Twoey and Kathleen D. Twoey, 229 E. Hubler Road, State College, $440,000



Robert L. Conway and Tamara Conway to Tamara Conway, Glenn Road, Howard, $1

Robert L. Conway and Tamara Conway to Tamara Conway, 214 Mill St., Howard, $1

Michael P. Graham and Darla J. Graham to Melody A. Newman, 2248 Old 220 Road, Howard, $15,000



Jane A. Tressler to Jane A. Tressler and Kenneth W. Tressler, 155 Main St., Blanchard, $1

Anthony L. Serafini by sheriff and Mindy J. Serafini by sheriff to JP Morgan Chase Bank, 302 W. Hunter Run Road, Howard, $6,935.48



Carole V. Ripka and Douglas L. Ripka to Carole V. Ripka Primary Residence and Carole V. Ripka, 5225 Brush Valley Road, Rebersburg, $1

Janet D. McClellan Estate, Mary M. Corl, executrix, Charles W. Comly III and Jessica Comly to Comly Properties, 208A Water St., Howard, $1



Vaughn E. Whisker III and Elizabeth N. Sechler to Timothy A. Cooper and Lauren E. Cooper, 305 Ghaner Drive, State College, $235,000

Decibel Partners LP to Decimal Partners LP, Champion Road, State College, $1

Sunchul S. Hoo and Hi K. H. Hoo to Sunchul S. Hoo, 151 Lower Julian Pike, Port Matilda, $1

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Centre County to Sandra S. Baker, 141 Ghaner Drive, Pine Grove Mills, $44,919

Henry Wiegand and Joy M. Wiegand to Henry Wiegand, Joy M. Wiegand and Michael C. Wiegand, 258 Wooded Way, State College, $1

Thomas S. Yip and Teresa Yip to Kelly A. Burke Revocable Trust and John M. Clifford, 779 Galen Drive, State College, $181,000

Mark D. Fisher and Jennifer A. Fisher to Steele S. Nowlin and Verna L. Kale, 558 Melissa Lane, State College, $315,000

Gian C. Duffy and Susan Duffy to Jennifer S. Meengs and Allyson Sherlock, 114 Seymore Ave., Boalsburg, $230,000

Kevin C. Birmingham and Diane D. Birmingham to Christian Connell and Jennifer Connell, 118 Heiskel Drive, Port Matilda, $390,000

Michael Perez, Sheri D. Perez, Amanda Perez and Joshua Renoe to Francis G. Quinn and Patricia L. Quinn, 2006 Highland Drive, State College, $205,000

Mark T. Greenberg and Christa Turksma to Sarah Rajtmajer and Frank G. Hillary, 178 Sandy Ridge Road, State College, $415,000


Steven D. Faust and Pamela K. Faust to Jason P. Bierly and Heather M. Bierly, Greenbriar Gap Road, Spring Mills, $94,000



Theodore F. Perks and Deborah L. Perks to Philipsburg Plumbing & Heating, 21 W. Maple St., Philipsburg, $197,000

Mary Swansegar to Kimberly A. Fetcenko, 406 Hampton Drive, Philipsburg, $1



Dana L. Guyer and Jessica P. Welch to Dana L. Guyer, 377 Taylor Hill Road, Centre Hall, $1

Curtis A. Borden, Pranom C. Borden, Roselee R. Williams Revocable Trust and Roselee R. Williams, trustee, to Kathy J. Miller, 152 Robin Lane, Centre Hall, $240,000



Beverly Moore to Jane Moore and James A. Moore Jr., 126 Brickyard Lane, Sandy Ridge, $1

Daniel R. Ludwig and Kathryn W. Ludwig to Shane Murarik and Sara R. Holden, 113 Oakwood Drive, Philipsburg, $269,500

Arlene J. Martin and Richard P. Martin to Arlene J. Martin and Richard P. Martin, 366 Spike Island Road, Osceola Mills, $1

Wilbur E. Gilham by agent, Lorraine Gilham by agent and Phoebe L. Gilham by agent to Nathan T. Tallman and Michael D. Black Jr., 1854 Port Matilda Highway, Philipsburg, $128,000



S&A Homes Inc. to James Brennan Jr. and Kathleen Brennan, 155 Shady Hollow Drive, Pleasant Gap, $323,679

Hermosa S. David by attorney and Virginia T. David by attorney to Deborah Auman and Scott Auman, 104 Faust Circle, Bellefonte, $205,000

Robert M. Gruendler and Diana R. Gruendler to Kevin A. Freet and Kelly Freet, 139 Farmington Lane, Bellefonte, $280,000

Clint R. Wagner and April Praskovich to Clint R. Wagner and April Praskovich, 266 E. Fifth Ave., Bellefonte, $1

Donna Y. Hinds to Michael W. Hinds, 214 On The Hill Road, Pleasant Gap, $150,000

Louis A. Persic and Elfrieda M. Persic to Witherite Property Management Inc., 215 E. College Ave., Pleasant Gap, $220,000

David A. Vanbuskirk and Kimberly H. Vanbuskirk to John R. Hupman and Betty J. Hupman, 231 Gwenedd Lane, Bellefonte $277,000

Martin A. Nordberg and Evelyn M. Nordberg to Janet E. Smith and John J. Smith Jr., 214 Ringneck Drive, Bellefonte, $259,900

Megan L. Kobuck to YonadMerhazion and Anna Merhazion, 101 Faust Circle, Bellefonte, $193,000



Steven W. Haffner and Amy S. Haffner to Martin Karduck, Shirley J. Karduck and Scott Karduck, 239 Crestmont Ave., Boalsburg, $206,000

James J. Jozefik, Margie A. Jozefik, James J. Jozefik Sr. and Margie A. Jozefik to James J. Jozefik Sr., 106 E. Sunset Ave., Snow Shoe, $1

Fraser Centre Residential LLC to Melissa Jean Hamood Revocable Trust and YasmainHamood, South Fraser Street, Hinsdale, $675,000

Gary H. Watson and Barbara A. Watson to Gary H. Watson, 902 Hart Circle, State College, $1

Christopher J. Deck and Kathy A. Deck to Yellow House Enterprises LLC, 815 S. Garner Street, State College, $250,000

Travers Residuary Trust, Susan T. Geering, co-trustee, and David A. Baker, co-trustee, to Calder Joint Venture, 255 E. Beaver Ave., State College, $67,500

Bret J. Buterbaugh and Marie M. Butterbaugh to Andrew G. Freeman, 616 E. College Ave., State College, $289,500

Betty S. Stanford to Betty S. Stanford Living Trust and Betty S. Stanford, trustee, 622 S. Fraser St., State College, $1

Travers Residuary Trust, Susan T. Geering, co-trustee, and David A. Baker, co-trustee, 255 E. Beaver Ave., No. 604, State College, $215,000

Jacqueline A. Stefkovich to Jennifer E. Baka and Stefan M. Lewellen, 209 Hillcrest Ave., State College, $480,000

Eileen C. Pearsall to Vincent J. Agresto and Natasha N. Tirko, 436 E. Hamilton Ave., State College, $479,000



Jean E. Haynes Estate, Elise Craigo, heir, Nancy Bjerky, heir, and unknown heirs to Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust, 301 S. Moshannon Ave., Snow Shoe, $1

Deborah J. Park to Michael Collar, 730 E. Sycamore Road, Snow Shoe, $425,000



Saratoga Partners LP to Eric L. Herrold, 301 E. Race St., Julian, $175,000 


Bonnie J. Fisher to Rebecca A. Fetterolf, 1336 S. Eagle Valley Road, Julian, $295,000


Veronica M. Sagett to Monic M. Heidenthal and Robert G. Heidenthal, 1152 Blue Spruce Drive, $1

Chad Haagen and Kathryn Haagen to Greggory A. Overturf and Morgan L. Overturf, 490 Hublersburg Road, Bellefonte, $165,000

William S. Weaver to Crystal J. Klase, 137 Betty Lane, Bellefonte, $1

Amy J. Brown, Amy J. Steele and Seth J. Steele to Michael P. Larson and Paul J. Welty Jr., 149 Jefferson Circle, Bellefonte, $359,000

Compiled by James Turchick