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Obituary of Hanne Kreider

Name of Deceased Hanne Kreider
Date of Death 07/13/2013
Date of Birth 08/13/1929
Funeral Home Kader-Neff Funeral Home & Cremation Services

Hanne Teufel Kreider loved the Lord. Her life was an expression of that.
She was born in Germany but grew up in Elizabethtown, Pa, the daughter
of Eugene and Elsa Teufel. She graduated from Elizabethtown high school
in 1947. In order to make extra spending money, Honey took a job working
for Mrs. Florence Kreider, helping out with the cooking and housework.
It was there that Honey met the love of her life, Leslie Kreider, who
was Mrs. Kreider's son. Leslie would help Honey with the chores and they
both liked to tease each other and laugh a lot. One of the things they
liked to tell each other (and tease each other about) was this: "With
the way you do housework, no one will want to marry you!" They
eventually decided to do each other a favor and get married to each
other, so no one else would have to marry them — this was their good
deed to the rest of the world!! The rest, of course, is history; they
were happily married for over 50 years until Leslie's untimely death on
Dec 18, 2000.

Honey and Lee had 3 children together: Theresa, Terry, and Kenny. In
addition to being a fantastic cook and homemaker, and someone who made
some of the best pizza ever made in the entire universe, Hanne was the
light and love beside Lee as he went through Seminary and became a
pastor. Together they served at 3 UCC churches: Brush Creek in Irwin,
Faith in Penn Hills, and finally at Zion. Towards the end of their
ministry, they were building the Chi Rho Center in Howard, PA.
Unfortunately, they were unable to complete this dream due to a
debilitating stroke that Hanne suffered in 1990.

Honey was deeply devoted to the Lord. She and Lee went to many seminars
to hone their counseling abilities and they truly lived the Christian
life. Honey was always willing to listen to people and to offer her
guidance and to pray with them. She was a woman of great wisdom. She
believed in always having a smile on her face and in being positive. Her
strength was truly in the Lord. Now she is at peace and at home with God.

Hanne (Honey) Lore Kreider, August 13, 1929 to July 13, 2013

Hanne was born in Germany and was the daughter of the late Eugene and Else Teufel of Elizabethtown, Pa.
She married Leslie L. Kreider, who was her beloved lifelong partner until his passing on December 18, 2000.

Hanne and Leslie were very active in the ministry. In 1966 Leslie graduated from the Lancaster Theological
seminary in Lancaster, Pa. Leslie went on to pastor three churches: UCC at Brush Creek near Irwin, Pa.,
Faith UCC in Penn Hills, Pa., and Zion, Pa.

Honey enjoyed working as a homemaker. She loved to cook and made the best pizza, cookies, and sticky
buns for friends and family. She was also an excellent seamstress. She dedicated her life to the Lord Jesus
Christ and to her family. Her greatest joy was talking to people about the Lord. She was active in the
Aglow Fellowship and always willing to listen to those who needed a loving ear and to pray with them.
She really is just an angel returning to Heaven.

She was preceded in death by her son, Kenneth E. Kreider, on February 23, 1986, Hanne is survived by her
daughter Theresa Kreider Treasure of Pittsburgh, Pa., her son, Terry Kreider of Howard, Pa. and her brother
Robert Teufel, of Elizabethtown, Pa.

Funeral service will be held at Zion Community Church. Located
at 3261 Zion Rd., Bellefonte PA 16823. Time 1:00 PM Saturday, July 20th

(from part of the litany)

The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; in whom I take
refuge. He is my stronghold, my refuge, my Savior. I called out to
my God. From his temple he heard my voice; he reached down
from high, took my hand and drew me up into Heaven.

Jesus said to her, I am the resurrection the way of the life. She
who believes in me will live, even though she dies; and whoever
lives and believes in me will never die. I AM the alpha,
the omega, the beginning, the end. To she who is thirsty I will give
drink from the spring water of eternal life in my kingdom. I will be her
God and she will be my daughter.