Friday, June 24, 2022
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Penn State Football Set to Hire Director of Football Equipment

Filed under stories that only feel noteworthy in the offseason, Penn State football is set to hire a Director of Football Equipment as the Nittany Lions slowly prepare for spring practice not too long away.

“The position will work in conjunction and report to the Assistant Athletic Director for Equipment Services to ensure the football equipment room and needs of the football team are met on a daily basis,” the job description reads. “The Director of Football Equipment will manage the various equipment needs of our football program in all aspects surrounding practice, travel, and game day.”

Currently Stewart Carter is listed as Penn State Football’s Assistant Equipment Manager while Jay Takach serves as the Assistant AD for Equipment Services.

Penn State has not listed any changes to its internal directory and technically the title of Director of Football Equipment is not currently a role listed in said directory as a position currently filled or to be filled.

If truly a new position and not a retitled one, this wouldn’t be the first addition to the flow chart Penn State football has seen in recent years. Over the past few seasons Penn State athletics has hired Leanne Louden as the football program’s first Performance Dietitian while Penn State has also made strides in Performance Psychology with the hirings of Carl Ohlson and Adrianna Napoletano. Other similar hires have been made across Penn State athletics, including football.

If you’re feeling ambitious you can apply for the job, or at least read about it, here