Thursday, August 18, 2022

State College Dining Guide

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BBQ Restaurants

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Beulah’s Bar B Que Verified Business

Beulah’s opened it’s doors in November 2002 featuring authentic Kansas City Style barbecue. The home style desserts hit the spot every time!

Location Icon 114 S. Garner St. PA State College 16801

Clem’s BBQ Verified Business

Location Icon 1663 S. Atherton Street PA State College 16870

LettermanS Verified Business

Providing a local, friendly vibe for central Pennsylvania residents and visitors, LETTERMANS has a fabulous, lively atmosphere, creating unique eating areas for good food and nightly fun.

Location Icon 1031 E. College Avenue PA State College 16801

Time Square Grill @ Penn Verified Business

The only place to be for great taste!

Location Icon 426 East Calder Way PA State College 16801