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Town&Gown December 2017

Taking Flight: Centre County Residents Are Sending in the Drones For a Bird’s-Eye View - Mike Dawson, Town&Gown

Years ago, self-described “tinkerer” Jorge Jovel had to get creative when he needed aerial video shots for clients of his production company. He’d buy a drone kit or construct one himself, strap a camera onto it, send it up, and hope for the best. But those days of improvising

Letter from the Editor: The Ties That Bind

There's really nothing magical about the flip of the calendar, but it does give us a good reason to look back on good moments and bad, victories big and small, and things we wish we'd done differently. And as we get older, it means shaking our heads about how quickly another year has passed. On a

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Penn State Diary: Writing the Book on Beaver Stadium

Lair of the Lion, a History of Beaver Stadium “hit the streets” this past August, much to the delight of Penn State football fans and to the co-authors as well. Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering Harry H. West and I have worked on this book since 2013 and it seems like

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Artist of Month: Sean Bodley

Many people have fond memories of sitting at the kitchen table as a child, playing or talking. For Sean Bodley, these memories entail drawing landscapes and battle sketches. Bodley chuckles at a preschool memory of when he took the painting of a fellow preschooler’s parent, since he liked it

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Lunch with Mimi: O. Richard Bundy III

Stewarding Lifelong Pride O. Richard Bundy III finds common ground in alums’ love for Penn State, whatever their other views

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Q&A: Kevin Briscoe

Hoy Transfer has been hauling Penn State football equipment for decades. Its owner, Kevin Briscoe, is no stranger to the long hours and late nights it takes to keep the program running around the country, making sure everything is where it needs to be when it needs to be there. The truck will be

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Snapshot: Pearl Gluck

Pearl Gluck calls herself a filmmaker and a director, but to others she is much more – an impactful leader. For the last four years, Gluck, a professor in Penn State’s College of Communications, has been working on her feature film called The Turn Out. This film blends documentary and

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On Tap: Popular Tröegs’ Elf brews reflect the festive spirit of the season

If it’s the holiday season, it means one thing for Tröegs Brewery in Hershey: Mad Elf season. Since Tröegs came out with the big Belgian-style beer (11 ABV) in 2003, it has become one of the brews many craft-beer lovers most look forward to each year. Mad Elf, which is available

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Dear Emily: My daughter is 16 and wants to date

Dear Emily, My daughter thinks that she is ready to start dating and have a boyfriend. I’m unsure of how I feel about it. She is 16 and easily influenced by her friends. What should I do and honestly what should I even think? Dear Hopeful Parent, Be open to it so that she can share things

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On Center: Tommy Igoe and his Birdland band

People who appreciate high-octane jazz can experience the vibe of a landmark club when drummer Tommy Igoe and his big band, in their first tour in five years, recreate the excitement of an evening at Birdland. Featuring some of the finest musicians in New York City, The Birdland All-Stars sets the

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