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Town&Gown February 2020

Here Comes the Sun: Solar energy projects are on the rise in Centre County - Teresa Mull, Town&Gown

Solar energy projects – both public and private – are abounding lately in Centre County. In March 2018, three State College Area School District elementary schools received $245,500 from Pennsylvania’s Solar Energy Program to purchase and install solar energy systems. At the same

Letter from the Publisher: Leap into February!

February has an extra day this year, as part of leap year. While this happens every four years, most of us really don’t give it much thought. What is a leap year and why do we need it?   It seems that we need leap years to maintain our current calendar’s alignment with

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On Center: Apollo’s Fire will animate Vivaldi’s popular seasonal concertos in performance at Schwab

In its sixth appearance at Penn State, Apollo’s Fire, The Cleveland Baroque Orchestra, will perform Antonio Vivaldi’s beloved concertos as the revolutionary acts of musical storytelling the composer intended them to be. Four Seasons Rediscovered will bring Vivaldi’s pictorial

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Help Me! Our writer seeks something new and unique for his Valentine

After the holidays fade away and I settle into the New Year, there is often a feeling of dread that creeps into my thoughts. It builds up as the calendar gets closer to the middle of February, because I know that Valentine’s Day is coming. Like many men, and surely many women too, the task of

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Letter from the Editor: Dodging ‘Snowmageddon’

I’m one of those adults who thinks it seemed to snow a lot more when I was a kid than it does now. I’ve never been that guy telling the kids I walked five miles through snow drifts on my way to elementary school. But as the Blizzard of 1978 bore down on the University of Rhode Island

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Q&A with Ellen Matis on Studio 1795, the new coworking and event space in Bellefonte

To say that Ellen Matis has played an active role in Bellefonte since moving to the community in 2017 would be something of an understatement. Matis launched her digital marketing agency, Hello Social Co., in town, becoming the first member of the Bellefonte SpringBoard business incubator. In the

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Snapshot: Plumb’s Drug Store, famed for its old-fashioned soda fountain, lives on as an independent pharmacy with a focus on treating its customers like family

Plumb’s Drug Store first opened its doors in 1951, with Edward L. Plumb Jr. at the helm. Not a lot has changed since. Walk inside and you’ll see much of the same decor and fixtures that have been there since the 1950s. “You walk in here, you walk back into time,” says

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Artist of the Month: Alex Ramos focuses on details in his realistic still-life paintings

Alex Ramos has always had an eye for detail. As a child, he created meticulously detailed pencil drawings. As a production editor, he focuses on the fine details of text. And as an artist, his attention to detail allows him to create intricately realistic still-life paintings. Ramos picked up

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On Tap: While craft beer industry is largely white, things are beginning to change and some Pennsylvania brewers helping make it happen

Richard Koilor and his brother, Mengistu, were initially drawn to becoming craft beer brewers like many other brewers. As they started brewing their own beer, they also sought to become trailblazers, of sorts. “We first got into beer as fans of drinking it,” Koilor says. “One day,

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Taste of the Month: Grace Restaurant at the Carnegie Inn helps guests feel at home

Award-winning chef Paul Kendeffy has been on the restaurant scene in State College for more than 20 years. From his previous partnership in a restaurant group that owned Zola New World Bistro, the Gamble Mill, and Alto’s, Kendeffy brings his simple elegance and perfectionist touch to the

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