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Town&Gown May 2020

The Helpers: Centre Countians step up in the face of crisis

In these most unprecedented and difficult of times, Centre Countians from first responders and medical professionals to folks with a needle, thread, and a spirit of generosity are stepping up to meet the challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are just a few of their

Letter from the Publisher: Town&Gown is here for you

Town&Gown will continue to publish our monthly community magazine, in print and online, throughout the current virus crisis. This issue of the magazine contains many stories about how our local community is coming together to overcome this challenge. We hope you find it thoughtful and

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Know Your Worth: How to process uncomfortable feelings in unprecedented times

This morning. I woke up with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. Instead of holding it in, I just let the tears flow and found myself in the middle of a big old ugly cry. Let’s face it, this is SCARY! As parents, we want to put on a brave face and protect our children from seeing any

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At 3D Sculpture Worx, entrepreneur Gracienne Myers and artist William Snyder III form an innovative partnership

While it wouldn’t seem like a mechanical bull and a 10-inch candy-apple-red snowman prototype for the UGG company would have a lot in common, they are much closer in the creation process than you might think. Entrepreneur Gracienne Myers and artist William Snyder III have joined forces to

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Letter from the Editor: Extraordinary, But Typical

There’s nothing typical about this issue of Town&Gown, just as there’s nothing typical about this time in which we are living. As I write this, I haven’t set foot in our South Allen Street offices in about three weeks. The mess of papers on my desk undoubtedly remains

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Help Me! I Want a Green Thumb

We have lots of flowers around my house and, honestly, I don’t really understand them. Every spring, my partner, Becky, spends a lot of time planting pot after pot of flowers that she places all around our front and back porches and yard. This is on top of the multiple flower beds and

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Penn State Diary: In 1918, the Spanish flu outbreak and World War I combined to alter life in the region

As of late March, America was combating the spread of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, by adopting social-distancing measures. In response, Penn State, along with many other colleges and universities, moved to remote instruction, telling students not to return to campus from spring break through

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On Center: Spanish guitar, Indian sarod intertwine in music that transcends continents

Classical stringed instruments that don’t often share a stage will mesh when American guitarist Sharon Isbin, Musical America’s 2020 Instrumentalist of the Year, and Indian sarod maestro and composer Amjad Ali Khan perform Strings for Peace September 30 at Penn State’s Schwab

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Plans are taking shape for the new Penn State art museum at The Arboretum

In 2016, Penn State President Eric Barron approached the university’s board of trustees with a vision. He proposed the development of a new cultural district, where all of the university’s museums could be consolidated into one easily accessible location – a location that is

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With an amazing variety of sizes and designs, orchids are ‘dramatically different’ from other plants, and that keeps growers fascinated

Wade Hollenbach has an addiction.  An addiction to orchids he’s happy to tell you about. Hollenbach, president of the Central Pennsylvania Orchid Society, has been growing the flowers for more than 43 years and estimates his greenhouse holds about 1,000 plants. “It’s a good

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