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Town&Gown March 2019

Martial arts classes gain in popularity in Centre County as they teach life skills - Samantha Chavanic, Town&Gown

Dating back thousands of years, the earliest evidence of martial arts can be found in Ancient Egyptian artwork and literature depicting hand-to-hand battle scenes. Over multiple millennia, the creative, physical art form has evolved from ancient wrestling tactics to the sword dancing of the Tang

Letter from the Publisher: March Memories

As we enter the final weeks of a brutally cold and downright bizarre winter, our thoughts turn to spring. To most residents of central Pennsylvania, St. Patrick’s Day marks the end of winter. While snow likely will occur after that date, the threat of extreme cold will have passed. Warmer

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Help Me! I Need a Dance Lesson

Fred Astaire he’s not, but our writer managed some smooth swing steps.

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On Center: Dreamers’ Circus will share reimagined Nordic folk music at Penn State

Last April, a Schwab Auditorium crowd responded enthusiastically to the Danish String Quartet’s performance of classical music. But audience members got especially excited when violinist Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen led the foursome in arrangements of half a dozen Nordic folk

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Letter from the Editor: Celebrating Remarkable Women

Each March, we feature a special section in Town&Gown celebrating just some of the remarkable women of Centre County. Many of those highlighted naturally have high-profile positions, but we know that for each one of those outstanding women, there are many more doing great work, often behind the

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Great Outdoors: Even in winter, hardy kayakers find peace on the water

When life gets stressful, meditation, fresh air, and exercise can often help relieve the tension. Sue Melbourne prefers to do all three at the same time, through kayaking. “It’s about connecting to the river and being in the flow. Specifically with whitewater kayaking, you have to

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Snapshot: As leader of the Cancer Survivors Association, Linda Lochbaum is bringing awareness to the cause

The Centre County-based Cancer Survivors Association Inc. runs under a motto of hope embodied in a quote by Charles Henry Sawyer: “Of all the forces that make for a better world, none is so powerful as hope. With hope, one can think, one can work, one can dream. If you have hope, you have

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Lunch with Mimi: Kathleen L. Rhine, president and CEO of Mount Nittany Health

After a nationwide search, Kathleen L. Rhine became president and CEO of Mount Nittany Health in January 2017. With more than 25 years of serving in healthcare leadership, Rhine held executive positions at several hospitals and health systems, including the Saint Joseph Mercy Health System, in Ann

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Artist of the Month: A new exhibit on race aims to open eyes and dialogue

As a young, bright-eyed girl, Anya Wallace loved all outlets of art and creativity. Art was Wallace’s outlet to break free from conventional classroom learning. In fact, this hobby turned into something bigger than she ever imagined. This month the Art Alliance of Central Pennsylvania is

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Q&A with Doug Loviscky and Jeanne Knouse on the new SCASD Mental Health Matters Fund

Some alarming data in 2015 from the Pennsylvania Youth Survey prompted the State College Area School District to take action.   According to anonymous responses, 40 percent of students in grade 12 reported feeling that “life wasn’t worth living.”  The district took

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