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Town&Gown November 2017

On Point - Vilma Shu Danz, Town&Gown

The bond between hunters and their dogs is about more than catching game birds

Letter from Editor: It’s About More Than the Hunt

I’ve written before in this space about my New England roots. Hunting isn’t a major pastime in Rhode Island or Connecticut. There are some serious hunters there, of course. One neighbor had a life-size deer target in his front yard (it was a woodsy area), and he’d practice with

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On Center: Appalachian Christmas

Centuries ago, the carols and fiddle tunes of Celtic Europe crossed the Atlantic and found a second home in the mountains of Virginia. They mingled with shape-note hymns and African spirituals to create the soulful Christmas music of Appalachia. The people of the highlands welcomed the Christ child

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Artist of Month: Lisa Baumgartner

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, one of Lisa Baumgartner’s most indelible memories is of pulling apricots from trees while riding her bicycle. She laments that Silicon Valley, as it’s known now, is heavily congested, but that fact doesn’t clutter her mind when she muses

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Lunch with Mimi: UBBC Pastor Bonnie Kline Smeltzer

Bonnie Kline Smeltzer is the pastor at State College’s University Baptist & Brethren Church. Joining UBBC in the fall of 2002, she prepares the weekly service and sermons, provides pastoral care, and works with a variety of programs and activities for the congregation. Her husband, Ken, is

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Q&A: Jillian Susi

Jillian Susi is a leader among the more than 40,000 students who attend Penn State University’s main campus, and is helping organize one of the school’s richest traditions. She is the executive director of Penn State Homecoming 2017. A week of activities kicks off November 5 and

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Dear Emily: Balancing a social life and academics

Dear Readers, My name is Emily Chertow. I am following my passion in journalism as I grow to be a senior at Penn State University. As I have a love for writing, I also have a love for helping others and giving advice. I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to combine these interests in a

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Taste of Month: Robin Hood Brewing Co

Arrive hungry and ready to throw back a beer or two at Robin Hood Brewing Co. in Bellefonte. Only 12 miles from Beaver Stadium, this family-friendly restaurant and brew pub at 1765 Zion Road opened in 2008, with the addition of the brewery in 2013. With seating for 180, Robin Hood Brewing can

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From the Vine: Pinot Noir is Right for Fall

Pinot Noir could just be the ideal wine for fall: it can be light- to-medium-bodied, and has great earthy tones that pair well with fall foods like roast chicken and duck, mushrooms, and dried fruits. It typically has enough structure and acid to hold up well with other bold flavors found in

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New Executive Director Susan Woodring leads Pink Zone efforts to help breast cancer survivors ‘do great things’

October was National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but efforts to find a cure, raise money for research, and spread the word are not just a 31-day occurrence. They are pushed 365 days a year. Susan Woodring is helping lead those efforts as the new executive director of Pennsylvania Pink Zone. The

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