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Town&Gown January 2015

50 Years of Town&Gown: Population - Tracey M. Dooms, Town&Gown

In the early 1960s, Philadelphia-area high school student Consuelo Miller narrowed down her college choices to two — Penn State in rural Central Pennsylvania and Howard University, a historically black university in Washington, DC. She chose Penn State so that her parents wouldn’t have

Letter from the Editor

I can’t recall if I read this somewhere or someone told me, but I believe it’s a great point. It’s the fact that we go to school, take classes, become interns, and basically do whatever we can to prepare us for whatever career each of us wants to pursue, yet, there’s really

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Taste of Month: Hublersburg Inn

During the nineteenth century, taverns and inns were an area’s social center. More than just a bar, they contributed to the local economy by serving as gathering places for trade, entertainment, and hotels for traveling merchants on stagecoaches. In addition, visitors to the area also brought

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Lunch with Mimi: Gary Brandeis & Dan Deitchman (Fraser Centre)

After more than 10 years of planning, delays, and development changes, the Fraser Centre in State College is finally under construction. The construction team began the project in October 2014 with excavation and belowground work to relocate utilities, lay the building’s foundation, and build

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5 Questions with Jane Harris, coordinator of the Penn State Rube Goldberg Machine Contest

Since 2006, Penn State has held its Rube Goldberg Machine Contest, an annual international competition that challenges teams of students to compete in building the most elaborate and hilarious Rube Goldberg Machine. This year’s national challenge is to design and build a machine that erases a

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On Center: Time for Three

When Time for Three was getting its start, the trio called itself the world’s first classically trained garage band. “The term really was something that we used to use. We try not to use it too much these days,” says Time for Three violinist Nick Kendall. “It was a way to

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Living Well: Making Every Day Valentine’s Day

One day a year we set aside to flood the ones we love with appreciation, affection, and attention. Flowers, cards, heart-shaped candy boxes, and balloons help remind them that they are loved and adored. While Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day to celebrate and honor love, I have to wonder,

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TEDxPSU: Founding a Tradition

It all started on Facebook. I wonder how often that is said now. In February 2010, I was browsing my Facebook newsfeed and saw that a fellow Penn State alum was participating in something called TEDxCMU. I took a peek at their Web site and saw this was an offshoot of the popular TED Talks. TED, a

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On Tap: The IPA Takeover

There’s a 500-pound gorilla hanging around wherever and whenever you buy a beer. The oversized primate in the room is India pale ale, better known by its initials: IPA. With roots reaching back to the 1700s, the heavily hopped IPA may be the main reason for the current vigor of craft brewing.

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Snapshot: Megan Renaut

Penn State senior and THON 2015 director Megan Renaut has an arsenal of fanny packs — and she’s not afraid to use them! THON has been helping children with cancer and their families since 1977, raising more than $114 million for the Four Diamonds Fund at Penn State Hershey

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