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Town&Gown February 2018

From Concept to Company: Collaboration spurs Centre County’s entrepreneurial ecosystem - Tracey M. Dooms, Town&Gown

LaunchBox is one of many new and ongoing local organizations that benefit entrepreneurs like Nick Unis and helped rank State College as No. 10 on’s 2016 list of Best Cities for Entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, collaboration among university, government, and nonprofit officials is helping t

Letter from The Editor: Seeking your insights

One of the interesting things about working as a journalist is that once a story or a photo is published, once a publication hits the streets or is posted on the web, there is a sense of instant gratification. Or not. It doesn’t take long – once your work is out there for public

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On Tap: Don’t sell beer short when planning that special evening

Most romantic dinners you see played out in movies or on television involve a couple sharing a meal and a bottle of wine. You rarely see two people having a special evening together with a pint of beer in their hands! But as we come to this month that includes the most romantic of holidays

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On Center: ‘Cowboy’ performers demonstrate that roots of dance in Argentina go deeper than tango

The Eisenhower Auditorium stage will be swimming in testosterone March 15 when Che Malambo, an all-male Argentinian dance company, performs a spectacle of percussive dance and music.

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Lunch with Mimi: Barash Media’s new GM, Vilma Shu

Sometimes dreams do come true with hard work and the courage to pursue them. After 11 years at Town&Gown, Vilma Shu took over as general manager of Barash Media in December 2017. In her new role, she oversees the day-to-day operations of Town&Gown and The Centre County Gazette.

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A Quiet Legacy of Greatness: On the centennial of his birth, Barney Ewell is remembered as one of Penn State’s all-time best athletes

Last November, Lancaster Online published a story, “Four Things About Lancaster County’s History You Might Not Know.” One of the four was “Olympian’s grave in Lancaster County.” “The only Lancastrian ever to win an Olympic gold medal,” Barney Ewell is

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Dear Emily: Breaking out of that winter funk

Dear Emily, I have found myself extremely wrapped up in life lately and feel that I am spiraling. With this weather, I’ve been struggling to get out of bed or engage in activities that I know and love. What can I do to get out of this funk? Dear funk-y, Take an awe walk. OK, so let me

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Q&A with Monteca Confer Beisel, owner of Confer’s Jewelers, about Valentine’s Day

Monteca Confer Beisel, owner of Confer’s Jewelers in Bellefonte, says her mom tells her “I made my first sale at 3 years old ... she said I pulled over a stool behind the case, stood up on it and told the customer that this necklace was very pretty and they should buy it.” Confer

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Taste of the Month: For the Love of Chocolate

This sweet indulgence melts hearts, and has a story to tell

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Jumping in Heart First: Bellefonte native gives couple the ultimate gift through surrogacy

Talk to Shevel Simonetti for more than five minutes, and it immediately becomes clear: she’s a giver.

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