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Town&Gown October 2017

State College aims to balance new high-rises with old charm to remain an economic hub - Sean Yoder, Town&Gown

For the past several months, drivers entering downtown State College from the east have seen the jibs of construction cranes slowly pulling into shape the latest high-rise building. Historically speaking, this type of development is mostly out of character for the quaint university downtown, but

Letter from the Editor: State College’s changing landscape

The building boom in State College and at Penn State over the past couple of decades has been dramatic. Perhaps it seems even more spectacular to the periodic visitor, not here to see the incremental change on a daily basis. Until moving here last year, I was one of those visitors. The

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Q&A with Lynsey Addario, author of "It's What I Do: A Photographer's Life of Love and War"

Lynsey Addario is a Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist known for her images of war. Her book, It's What I Do: A Photographer's Life of Love and War, is a memoir of her experience surviving in war zones, living through kidnappings, and meeting people she says are “beautiful and

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Lunch with Mimi: Retired SEAL Ryan McCombie on service to country and Penn State

Retired United States Navy Captain (SEAL) Ryan J. McCombie began his career with a tour in Vietnam. Originally from Spangler, Pennsylvania, he graduated from Penn State’s Navy ROTC program in 1970. Upon graduation, he was commissioned into the Navy as an ensign. McCombie was selected to be

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Leader of the Blue Band: Jack Frisbie says PSU drum major role is about much more than the flip

Leading hundreds of musicians in the midst of thousands of fans is no easy task, but Penn State Blue Band drum major Jack Frisbie doesn’t worry about it too much. “It’s important to recognize that you can’t do it yourself,” he says. “I have to rely on others to

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Taste of the Month: Penn Pide

Step aside pizza, let’s talk Turkish pide. Opened in March 2016, Penn Pide, located at 127 West Beaver Avenue, is serving up this traditional Turkish staple — a thin, oblong-shaped flatbread. Pide is often described as Turkish pizza with uniquely Middle-Eastern spices, no sauce, topped

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Artist of the Month: Jennifer Shuey

Anyone who has attended any university anywhere has seen one. It seems as if every building features the prototypical bulletin board layer-caked and overstuffed with flyers for part-time jobs, academic studies, and lectures. For local artist Jennifer Shuey, one of those flyers was a

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Penn State Diary: What would Centre County be like without PSU?

Back in 1961, I was entering high school and it was the time of the Civil War Centennial. As a history buff, I read whatever I could about the conflict. But one book hit me as none had before. MacKinlay Kantor’s If the South Had Won the Civil War was “alternate” or

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On Tap: The Fellowship of Beer

In the process of writing this column over the last few years, I have tried to encourage you to experience beer culture in all its forms. Visiting beer bars, breweries, and brewpubs allows you to not only taste some unusual and outstanding products of the brewer’s art, it also exposes you to

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On Center: Spanish Harlem Orchestra

Spanish Harlem Orchestra, a big band led by pianist Oscar Hernández, sets the standard for authentic New York City-style salsa dura music. “Salsa may have its origins in Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Latin America, but it was forged in New York City and that at least is where its heart

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