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Town&Gown June 2017

Tussey Mountain, once a ski area only, evolves into year-round attraction - Samantha Chavanic, Town&Gown

Originally opened in the 1960s as Skimont, Tussey Mountain in Boalsburg has grown from a small skiing mountain into a year-round outdoor family attraction. From the traditional skiing and snow tubing to summer activities and festivals to party and event rentals, Tussey Mountain has evolved into a

Letter from the editor: Coming full circle

After I launched a job search last year upon deciding to relocate from Connecticut to Happy Valley, David Pencek was the first person I met with. More accurately, David was the first person who made time to meet with me. We discussed freelance opportunities, because there were no positions open at

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Taste of the Month: Bagel Crust

It’s hard to tell where the first bagel originated. Egyptian hieroglyphic panels displayed in the Louvre in France depicting Ancient Egyptians’ daily life show rolls with a hole in them. Similar rolls have existed for centuries in Italy, China, and the Middle East. Some food historians

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Living Well: The Power of a Father’s Blessing

The words we speak over ourselves, our children, our health, finances and careers have the power to create blessings and health in every area of our lives.  The power of our words has the power to bring us healing, peace, encouragement and energy or dis-ease, anxiety, dread and exhaustion. As

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5 questions with Steven Snyder of 'Camelot'

Steve Snyder is a faculty member of Penn State’s School of Theatre, teaching Shakespeare performance and leading the creation of a Bachelor of Fine Arts in acting. Professional work includes productions with American Players Theatre, Drury Lane Theatre, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, and

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Artist of Month: Jason Tutwiler

Slide guitarist and State College native Jason Tutwiler does it all. He plays in four bands, gives guitar lessons to interested musicians in the area, and writes and records music. Tutwiler makes it look easy, but he takes his work to heart and has a passion for music and performing. Tutwiler began

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On Center: Cécile McLorin Salvant

Wynton Marsalis knows musical talent when he hears it. After considering the attributes of jazz singer Cécile McLorin Salvant, the trumpeter is convinced of her greatness.   “She has poise, elegance, soul, humor, sensuality, power, virtuosity, range, insight, intelligence, depth,

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Penn State Diary: Public perception and the complex reality of the Greek system

Fraternities have been a contentious topic on campus this year. But the death of Beta Theta Pi pledge Timothy Piazza and the indictment of 18 Beta members on charges related to that tragic incident brought the academic year to a shattering end. As a result, there seems to be an official posture that

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About Town: Christopher Kent

Christopher Kent — a Patton Township resident who is six feet, five inches tall — is sort of invisible. He is a lifelong musical performer who has made few public appearances since moving here — becoming mainly a “digital performer.” His original songs — many of

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Health & Wellness: Body, Mind, and Spirit

“What is a DO?” Although this is a question I get asked frequently, I am always happy to explain. Everybody at some point in their lives pays a visit to their doctor, and whether it’s an appointment to see a heart doctor about blood pressure, having a knee looked at by an

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