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Town&Gown July 2016

Celebrating the 50th Festival - Tracey M. Dooms, Town&Gown

The first Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts was big news. Governor Raymond Shafer flew in by helicopter to open the festival, landing on Old Main lawn. Banners flew, artists in action showed their skills, and crowds enjoyed theater performances, films, and local bands. WPSX did live festival

Letter from the Editor

State College had been quiet in the summer — too quiet for some. So a group of people decided that maybe holding a small arts festival would liven things up a bit here. That’s a very abridged version of how this major event called the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts

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Taste of the Month: The Carnegie Inn & Spa

For the ultimate foodie, a seat at the chef’s table at the Carnegie Inn & Spa, located at 100 Cricklewood Drive in State College, is truly an unforgettable dining experience. Sitting in a busy kitchen used to be less than desirable, but diners today are intrigued by the behind-the-scenes

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Q&A: Karl Libhart, executive director of Central PA 4th Fest

America is getting ready for its 240th birthday — and few places know how to celebrate it better than Happy Valley with Central PA 4th Fest. This year marks the 15th anniversary of 4th Fest, and, with July 4 on a Monday, the event is scheduled to run over two days — July

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5 Questions with comic book historian Tim Hanley

Being educated in the history of our nation as well as our world is essential in the progress we make as a race. But when most people think of history, old, ratty textbooks are likely the first things that come to mind — not colorful pictures bound together to make a story. However, comic book

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On Center: Shadowland

Life for a teenager is often awkward. In Shadowland, Pilobolus Dance Theater’s newest production, it’s also surreal. Created by Pilobolus dancers and directors in collaboration with Steven Banks, lead writer for the animated TV series SpongeBob SquarePants, Shadowland is an imaginative

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Lunch with Mimi: Marie Doll

Since its incorporation in 1968, the Art Alliance of Central Pennsylvania is a nonprofit organization that exists to serve students and artists in Centre County, the adjacent counties, and beyond. Today, the Art Alliance has approximately 350 members, all of whom are dedicated to recognizing,

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Nittany Valley Society: One-Room Schools Bring History Alive

Over the past several months, I have written about efforts to “mine” the rich preserves of knowledge buried in the past to release their power in the present. Previous installments of this series have focused mainly on conceptual conveyances of this potential – books, stories, and

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From the Vine: The Right Stuff about Riesling

What do you know about Riesling? If someone asked you, “What is Riesling?”, how many of you would say, “It’s a sweet white wine from Germany”? While it’s true that Germany produces 60 percent of the world’s Riesling, the grape also is grown all over the

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Snapshot: Rebecca Strzelec

As a student at the Tyler School of Art at Temple University, Rebecca Strzelec started as a painting major. In her classes, however, she soon realized she might need to change her major. “I realized I wasn’t as good as I thought I was at painting,” she says. “Everyone around

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