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Town&Gown January 2017

A Season to Savor - David Pencek, Town&Gown

The 2016 Penn State football season has already become a legendary tale — and, as of this writing, it isn’t even done yet; there’s still that game in Pasadena to play. It’s a tale of a program just beginning to stand on solid ground after devastating NCAA sanctions.

Letter from the Editor

I’ve never been big into making New Year’s resolutions. Sure, I see the start of a new year as sort of a clean slate, thinking I’ll try to do this better and maybe spend less time doing that; eat this, not that — all in an effort to create a better me! (Yes, you may

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Outdoors: The “Other” Skiing

Winter in Central Pennsylvania. Some days it’s just more enticing to stay inside and hibernate. Snuggling up in blankets on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa and binging on Netflix can be pretty appealing. But every so often those blankets need to be washed and stir craziness sets in. Even in

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Artist of the Month: Gabeba Baderoon

“I like writing in my journals with a pen. The act of writing and the physical contact with pen and paper gives me inspiration,” says Gabeba Baderoon, a South African poet from the city of Cape Town who joined the departments of Women’s Studies and African and African American

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5 Questions with Al Karosas, co-director of Coaches vs. Cancer at Penn State

Penn State’s men’s basketball team plays its annual Coaches vs. Cancer game January 28 when the Nittany Lions host Illinois at the Bryce Jordan Center. The game, however, is just part of the Coaches vs. Cancer effort to raise money for causes that help in the fight against

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On Center: Brooklyn Babylon

Brooklyn Babylon isn’t an easy show to explain, but it’s an amazing one to experience. The multimedia production, coming to Penn State’s Eisenhower Auditorium February 28, simultaneously uses live instrumental music, animation, and live painting to communicate a story about the

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Lunch with Mimi: Moses Davis

Moses Davis is a true believer that each of us has the ability to change the world and leave a lasting legacy for those who come after us. As an advocate for social change, his favorite quote is by Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” As director of the

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Penn State Football Remixes Its Past

Suffering through a prolonged period of frustration and despair, the Penn State football team faces a do-or-die moment in an early Big Ten contest: Trailing in the fourth quarter and needing an unlikely game-extending play to keep hope alive, the Lions thread the needle, capping off a precarious

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Taste of the Month: Hummingbird Room

Life is an adventure, with many faraway lands to explore, fascinating people to meet, exotic foods to try, and new experiences to savor. That is the philosophy that the owners of the Hummingbird Room live by. After a 10-year hiatus, the Sarnows are back doing what they love, but not in the

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Snapshot: Laura Merritt

Laura Merritt knows the importance of blood donation all too well. “I had a family member who passed away. He needed blood, but there wasn’t enough at that time,” says Merritt, who lives and works in State College as the donor-recruitment representative for the Greater Alleghenies

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