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Town&Gown June 2018

In the face of challenges, Centre County beekeepers work to help honeybees survive and thrive - Mark Brackenbury, Town&Gown

Beekeepers are a dedicated and passionate lot. Take Kathryn Miller, for instance. Miller is allergic to bee stings, but that hasn’t stopped her from maintaining honeybee hives for the past several years. She’s undergone nearly a year of allergy shots to guard against future

Letter from the Editor: At Work with the Bees

Getting up close and personal with bees is not something I’d envisioned doing on purpose. Ever. As a kid, if there were six of us out playing in the yard, the resident wasps always seemed to buzz past my friends and zap me. It happened often enough that it became something of a family joke as

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No longer ‘sleepy, idyllic, and unhurried,’ State College continues to evolve

As a history guy, I naturally tend to see events as taking place within a larger context. Recently, I’ve found a book that does this for me in both history and geography. It’s The American College Town, by Blake Gumprecht, a professor of geography at the University of New Hampshire,

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Q&A with Sue Haug, a driving force behind the Penn’s Woods Music Festival

The Penn’s Woods Music Festival has a succinct but important vision: “Inspiring a passion for live music in this and future generations.” The festival began in 1986 but ended in 2003 before being re-started in its current format at Penn State in 2008. The festival was begun to

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Jazz artist Jay Vonada and his quartet get set to release a CD with many moods and grooves

At the age of 12, when many kids are focused on video games, Jay Vonada started to learn to play his dad’s trombone, which his father used to play in the Legion band in Aaronsburg back in the 1950s. “My brother, who plays trumpet, started teaching me on the trombone and then I was

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On Tap: Experts share tips on the top brews to enjoy as the weather heats up

While Christmas is the “most wonderful time of year,” for those who enjoy trying new beers, it’s tough to beat summer. Beer goes with the other three “Bs” of the season — barbecues, beaches, and baseball games. According to a 2017 story by the National Beer

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Hey, Dad! Don’t shrug off these health issues

Rub some dirt on it, shake it off, never let them see you sweat! Many men will ignore a nagging pain or symptom of a health issue that should send them to their doctor. There’s no shortage of reasons not to go. However, taking a chance with your health is a dangerous game to play, especially

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The Glennland, State College’s first ‘high-rise’ apartment building, will live on as a hotel

This year and next, when the current renters’ leases expire, the five-story Glennland Building on East Beaver Avenue at South Pugh Street will be turned into an upscale “boutique” hotel. It will have a restaurant, a coffee shop, and conference facilities. Its façade is not

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On Center: Jazz vocalist Veronica Swift makes a quick ascent up the career ladder

Although Veronica Swift earned a bachelor’s degree in jazz vocal performance in 2016, the diploma seems like more of a footnote than a milestone on her impressive resume. Before graduating from the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music, the Charlottesville, Virginia, native had

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Know Your Worth: A father’s praise and attention helps loved ones bloom from the inside out

Our first introduction to what the world is like comes through our parents. We look to them for guidance, reassurance, modeling, and wisdom. In the first few months to years of our lives our parents comfort, teach, lead, and share their wisdom with us that will ideally give us the confidence and

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