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Town&Gown July 2017

Back on Course: With boom times long over, Centre County golf pros cultivating new interest in the game - Mark Brackenbury and James Turchick

While stats show participation in the game largely flat nationally over the past decade, there are growing signs of sunnier times ahead. The optimism is thanks largely to a greater focus on youth programs and efforts to attract new adult golfers by making the game more accessible — and more fun.

It’s summer, and the spirit is festive

This month, we’re all about celebrating summer in Happy Valley. The July calendar is filled with big annual events, including Fourth Fest, the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, the People’s Choice Festival, and Philipsburg Heritage Days. Add to that the first-ever concert at

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Penn State Laureate Andrew Belser brings distant generations together through FaceAge

Growing up, Andrew Belser was surrounded by a large family. Many of his relatives lived into their 90s, with a few breaking the century mark. Belser’s experiences with his older family members ingrained in him a different view of aging. “There’s a lot of focus on what you lose,

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Living Well: Vacation Mentality Every Day

Most people can’t wait for their summer vacations — long lazy days basking in the warm sun at the beach with no thoughts or cares in the world. Vacations become a time about renewal and relaxation, melting the stress of everyday life away. Often on vacation you may find that you sleep

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5 questions with Maria Burchill on BookFest 2017

Maria Burchill is the head of adult services at the Schlow Centre Region Library and is helping to get BookFest 2017 up and running. BookFest, which takes place from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. on July 15, is a celebration of all things literature for adults and children. Since 2009, it’s been an

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Health & Wellness: Travis Struble and Valerie Cingle power through adversity

You might never think that Travis Struble and Valerie Cingle have had serious health problems. After all, these are two of the healthiest-looking and most positive people you could find, him a fitness trainer and professional bodybuilder, her a fitness instructor with a glowing personality. They

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On Center: Flip FabriQue

Montreal, the fertile crescent of contemporary circus, has done it again. Flip FabriQue, the newest gravity-defying sensation from Quebec, will make its Center for the Performing Arts at Penn State premiere this fall in Catch Me!, a celebration of fun and friendship. “The young members of

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Lunch with Mimi: Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts Executive Director Rick Bryant

The 2017 Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts will be held July 13-16, with Children and Youth Day on July 12 and BookFest on July 15. Every year, the festival brings more than 125,000 people to downtown State College to celebrate the arts and enjoy performers of international, national, and

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Health & Wellness: Bacteria or Virus? Antibiotics are not always the answer

The discovery of penicillin in 1928 was heralded as a medical miracle. As one of the first antibiotics, it could cure patients of potentially deadly bacterial illnesses, such as scarlet fever, typhoid, and pneumonia. Unfortunately, overuse of penicillin and other antibiotics can cause other

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Snapshot: Millbrook Playhouse Artistic Director David Leidholdt

The summer theater season is well under way at the Millbrook Playhouse. The actors are performing, and the tech crews are working their magic, hanging lights and sewing costumes. At the center of this creative vortex is Artistic Director David Leidholdt. More than anyone else, he is responsible for

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