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Town&Gown April 2015

50 Years of Town&Gown: Research & Technology - Tracey M. Dooms, Town&Gown

Thanks to Penn State research transfer to the private sector, the State College area is home to a wealth of high-tech companies that are transforming the local economy. State- of-the-art local businesses are profiting from recent developments in cloud computing, nanotechnology, genetic analysis, and

Letter from the Editor

Many of you have likely known this for sometime, but it bears repeating given what happened in February with a certain ESPN personality. The fact is that no matter what good things Penn State does — like helping kids with cancer, forexample — no matter that the consent decree between the

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Taste of the Month: Central PA Tasting Trail

Centre County has become a hub for the microbrewing and microdistilling movements. It also has seen a boom in the winery business, making this area popular for everyone who has a taste for wine, beer, spirits, and hard cider. April offers a month-long celebration of those tastes with the first

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What Happened to Ray Gricar?

Lara Gricar called her father, Ray Gricar, for a brief chat on April 14, 2005. The two exchanged “I-love-yous” as was their routine several times a week. However, two days later, Lara’s world was turned upside down. She found herself in Pennsylvania, pleading before TV cameras at a

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5 Questions with Shawn Colvin

Shawn Colvin, Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter, will be performing at the State Theatre April 16. She last performed at the State Theatre in 2010. Colvin has been performing music for decades, and in 1998 won the Grammy for Record of the Year for A Few Small Repairs and Song of the Year

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On Center: The Nile Project

The Nile Project uses music to raise awareness of the cultural and environmental challenges along Africa’s mighty river. The project unites artists from each country in the Nile basin to learn from one another and compose music together. The Nile forms a complex system wrought with political,

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Lunch with Mimi: Sandy Barbour

Last July, Penn State President Eric Barron named Sandy Barbour the school’s ninth director of athletics. Barbour came to Penn State after serving 10 years as director of athletics at the University of California. She has more than 30 years of experience as a collegiate administrator and coach

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Blue-White 2005: Prelude to a Comeback

There are certain successes that everyone from the outside can predict. These are victories worthy of celebration, for sure, but movies aren’t made and books aren’t written about the events that everyone sees coming. The stories that inspire us the most and linger in our memories are

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On Tap: Can-Do Spirit

A can of beer. At first, the concept was so quickly accepted that the response to the first batch ever released to the masses wildly exceeded the expectations of both the manufacturer of the can and the brewer who filled them. The container eventually became so prolific across the industry that cans

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Q&A with Travis DeCastro, head of production of Julius Caesar

Penn State Centre Stage is giving a modern spin to William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. The production will be staged April 15-17 on Old Main lawn, and, instead of ancient Rome, the setting is a contemporary African nation. The idea is to “draw parallels between modern African

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