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Town&Gown January 2019

Heartache and Hope: The opioids crisis is hitting all too close to home in Centre County, but many are working to provide lifelines - Vincent Corso, Town&Gown

This is a story about addiction. It’s about people suffering and lives lost to opioids, heroin, and other drugs.  It is a story that many people don’t think much about, because addiction is something that could never happen to them or anyone they care about.  But, in this

Letter from the Editor: A Community Challenge

Nearly two years ago, I wrote a story for The Centre County Gazette – part of a series the paper did on the opioid crisis – that really stuck with me. The article reported on the experience of EMTs on the front lines of the crisis. If you’ve followed the issue at all on a national

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Performing artists must protect their bodies while advancing their art

Whether amateur or professional, performing artists have unique health needs based on their particular art form. Musicians, singers, dancers, actors, and other performers should take precautions to maintain good health so they can do their best on stage. Injury prevention It’s easy to see

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On Center: Sarah Bockel earns her opportunity to portray Carole King in 'Beautiful'

It’s a Tony Award-winning musical about a shy girl from Brooklyn who becomes one of the most successful pop songwriters of all time. But casting directors for Beautiful–The Carole King Musical have found that three actresses raised in Chicago, not New York City, have the right blend of

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Lunch with Mimi: The American Cancer Society’s Tammy Ahles

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, there are 78,000 new diagnosed cases of cancer in Pennsylvania each year with a 63 percent five-year survival rate. The American Cancer Society’s mission is to free the world from cancer by providing funding, conducting research, sharing

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Q&A with Shizuka and Sam Buckley, founders of Giv Local

In June 2018, Shizuka Buckley, her husband, Sam Buckley, and their friend, Christian Baum, launched Giv Local – a State College-based credit card processing company with a socially responsible twist. Giv Local charges businesses a credit card processing rate that is equal to or less than the

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Oravec named publisher of Town&Gown

Bernard A. Oravec has been named publisher of Town & Gown magazine.  “Town & Gown is one of the finest lifestyles magazines in America,” Oravec says. “I look forward to continuing the legacy of interesting storytelling, entertainment, and community

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Snapshot: A classic general store has served the Penns Valley community for more than a century

From Millheim’s rise as a flourishing industrial town in the mid-1800s, through the decline of the mills that once sustained it, to the town’s current cultural revitalization, one store has been there through it all, serving the needs of residents and farmers in Penns Valley for well

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LEMONT State of Mind: As Jason McIntyre eyes a new album, he’s again producing the Strawberry Fields benefit concert

For years, Jason McIntyre has been making a big impact on the State College music scene – on and off the stage. McIntyre picked up his first guitar at 13 to join his friends who were playing music together. “We were listening to a lot of Beach Boys, trying to learn those songs,”

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A thank you to the community

A year ago, I wrote my Letter from The General Manager about new beginnings and embracing new possibilities. As I reflect back on this past year at Town&Gown, I am proud of all the hard work the staff has put in to producing such a quality magazine. In 2018, we completed a reader survey to

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