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Town&Gown November 2014

Love of Leading - Josh Langenbacher, Town&Gown

To understand who Sandy Barbour is and the path she took to become Penn State’s newest athletic director — and the university’s first female athletic director in school history — is to understand the formative role her father played in her life. A Navy pilot twice shot down

Letter from the Editor

To set the record straight, I hate shopping. I rarely go shopping for something for myself, unless I have finally convinced myself that I absolutely need to buy a particular item. When that happens, I put a plan in place to hit the store, buy the item, and get out as quickly as possible. And

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Taste of the Month: Pie Recipes for the Holidays

The history of pies dates back to ancient Egypt, and it was once a practical way to bake and preserve meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains. Pies came to America with the first English settlers, although it is unknown if it was part of the first Thanksgiving feast. Today, pies have become a

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Health & Wellness: Awareness and funds to fight lung cancer

Kristen Connolly looked to her mother, Barbara, as her mentor and her best friend. They talked on the phone every day, and for nearly 10 years they took annual mother-daughter trips. “My mom and I were very similar,” recalls Connolly, who lives in State College. “We basically had

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5 Questions with independent filmmaker and journalist Kirsi Jansa

On November 6 and 9, Kirsi Jansa’s film, Gash Rush Stories, will be shown on the Penn State campus. It is part of the film series that is part of the Palmer Museum of Art’s exhibition Marcellus Shale Documentary Project. The film is “a series of short documentaries” that

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On Center: Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center

Listen to Tara Helen O’Connor speak, and it becomes apparent in no time that she and the flute are a match made in heaven. O’Connor, one of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center musicians performing November 20 at Penn State, possesses a seemingly uninterrupted supply of breath,

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Lunch with Mimi: Bob Warming

Bob Warming has coached soccer for more than 35 years, and his career has been marked by success and distinction. He is a six-time finalist for national coach of the year, and he was named Big Ten Coach of the Year in 2012 and 2013. He is in his fifth season as Penn State men’s soccer head

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CBICC Archives Reveal Forgotten Stories

“The past cannot be destroyed, but it can be neglected or covered over. When we don't know what is in the past, we cannot use it, and we cannot release its power.” These words from former Penn State trustee Ben Novak help capture the sentiments underlying the Nittany Valley

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Six Pack for the Week

Highlights for the weekend and coming week in entertainment, sports, and more: Some “Out Loud” Poetry: The Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association continues its Out Loud series Friday at the Bellefonte Art Museum for Centre County. Julia Spicher Kasdorf will read “Poems

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Snapshot: Joe Enman

For Joe Enman, president of Penn State University Veterans Organization (PSUVO), the decision to join the Navy in 2004 was made because he “didn’t have much of a direction” in his life. After he studied computer electrical engineering at Rutgers for two years, Enman says, “I

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