Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Home D Pizzeria Now Permanently Closed

Despite previous plans for one final hurrah this coming weekend, a longtime State College restaurant is now permanently closed.

Home D Pizzeria, 1820 S. Atherton St., shut its doors for good on Sunday after “running into some difficulties operating since announcing the closure,” according to a post on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

“Due to this we will unfortunately be closing our doors permanently effective immediately,” the post stated.

Gift cards and Bow and Arrow memberships are still valid at its sister location, Robin Hood Brewing Company in Bellefonte, which remains in business.

Home D had been trying to lease a portion of the South Atherton Street building while maintaining the restaurant in a downsized space for more than a year. But on Friday the restaurant announced that as a deal was finalized the new tenant’s “needs increased, and they ended up needing and leasing the entire building.”

The new tenant was not identified.

Prior to Sunday’s announcement of the immediate closure, Home D planned to have a final Summer Bash on the patio with musical duo Canary on June 26.

“No one is as upset as we are, about not being able to finish out our last week,” the post on Sunday stated. “We apologize for the sudden closure and wish the best of luck for our staff in the future! We’ll miss our regulars, which have become family, and hope to see them in Bellefonte in the near future.”

Home D traces its roots back more than six decades.

The South Atherton Street location was formerly the Penn Hi-Boy Motel and Restaurant until 1985, when it became Home Delivery Pizza Pub. It was later renamed Home D.