Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Letter: Anderson Is the Right Choice for SCASD School Board

Tuesday, May 11, is the final day will accept letters of endorsement for candidates in the May 18 primary election. Letters should be sent to [email protected] and should include the writer’s name and home municipality.

I urge all voters in the State College Area School District to support Deborah Anderson for school board. I have known Deborah for 10 years, and am familiar with her work on various school committees related to academics and athletics. She is a tireless volunteer, collaborative team-player, and informed parent prepared to serve the best interests of all students in our district. 

As the parent of two sons who are now at State High, Deborah is familiar with all levels of education in the district, but makes an effort to stay informed about the unique issues facing students of different backgrounds and with different needs. She is a listener and a learner, committed to cultivating inclusive environments where all students and staff feel supported. 

I have always been impressed by Deborah’s willingness to hear all sides of an issue before offering an answer or opinion. Her willingness to listen—truly listen—and provide informed responses will benefit her as a member of the board. Her experience as a college-level educator will also serve her well. 

With numerous candidates running for SCASD school board this year, Deborah stands out as one who has already demonstrated her commitment to our local schools through her longtime involvement in PTOs and district-wide committees. She is prepared to serve, and will undoubtedly be an asset to the board.

Please vote for Deborah Anderson in the May 18 primary. 

Tonia Sulman

Ferguson Township