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Titan Market Offers New Year-Round Place to Shop from Local Vendors

A new indoor market in Bellefonte gives local shoppers a place to support area farmers, producers and artisans, all year-round. 

With a range of vendors and events, Titan Market recently opened within Titan Energy Park, which is also home to Axemann Brewery and Blonde Bistro.

Titan Market founder Corinna Anskis said she had long wanted to open an indoor market in Centre County.

“It always has seemed to be a perfect fit and I was shocked that no one had done it,” she said. “After all the craziness hit this spring… I’ve worked with a lot of local businesses and the farmers and I see how a lot of them are suffering. I decided this was the time to do it and the goal was to provide a venue where folks in the community can come do their shopping, whether it’s their weekly shopping for their produce, meat and dairy, or if they need a special gift for a certain someone. They can come there and shop from the local businesses and farmers and artisans and crafters versus going to the big box [store].”

Titan Market officially opened Oct. 2, welcoming shoppers every Friday and Saturday. Each week, the vendors change slightly, Anskis explained. Some have a permanent installation at the market, while others appear as their schedules allow. More vendors, she said, are coming on as the area’s outdoor markets being to shutter for the season. 

“We’ve kept the attitude that all vendors are welcome,” she added.

The array of vendors that have appeared at the market so far support the sentiment. From Amish baked goods to farm-fresh beef and pork, goat soaps to crafts and collectibles, there’s a little bit of everything on display. 

In addition to product and produce vendors, the market also features several vendors offering freshly-made foods. While some of the food vendors are permanent, Anskis said, others will be rotating to provide a variety of food options for shoppers, from street crepes to pulled pork and candied bacon.

“We’re not out to compete with the other markets. I love all our outdoor markets. The key thing that will make this market nice is that it’s indoors, so we can have it 12 months a year and it’s in one permanent spot,” Anskis said.

The primary feedback she’s received from the community thus far is that “they like the idea of an indoor market, all year-round, that gives them a place to buy from the local businesses, farmers and craftsmen, and it’s all in one area.

“We’re very new; this is only our fourth week. However, it’s been very exciting to me that we are already getting people come back every week. That’s one of our main goals. We want people to get used to coming to the market and supporting our local businesses and farmers every week.”

The market will additionally host various events throughout the year. This Saturday, Oct. 24, from noon to 2 p.m., the market is hosting a trick-or-treating event for families. 

“Families can dress up in their costumes and come in and trick-or-treat. The vendors are very excited for this event and will have plenty of treats ready for everyone,” Anskis said. 

On Nov. 12–13, the market is hosting a Christmas craft show, complete with ice sculpting demonstrations. Other events are in the works for the winter and spring, including a possible wood carving event in conjunction with an outdoor sportsman show, and wine and spirit tastings.

Titan Market is located at 2022 Axemann Road in Bellefonte and is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Fridays and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays.

Baked goods from Little Ridge Bakery were on sale at Titan Market. Photo provided

Rattlesnake Mountain Farm in Julian has been among the vendors at Titan Market, offering its pork and beef products. Photo provided

Java Momma coffees and teas have been featured at Titan Market. Photo provided.

Titan Market, 2022 Axemann Road in Bellefonte, is open on Fridays and Saturdays. Photo provided