Thursday, August 18, 2022

State College Dining Guide

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Mexican Restaurants & Southwest Dining in State College

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Baja Fresh Verified Business

Location Icon 404 E. Calder Way PA State College 16801

Chipotle Verified Business

Location Icon 116 Heister Street, State College, PA, 16801

Qdoba Mexican Grill Verified Business

With one-of-a-kind offerings like Qdoba Signature Burritos, Qdoba won over customers and critics alike. Denver’s Gabby Gourmet restaurant critic named Qdoba one of the top 15 inexpensive restaurants in Colorado. […]

Location Icon 206 West College Avenue PA State College 16801

Taco Bell – Hills Plaza Verified Business

Location Icon 100 Rolling Ridge Drve PA State College 16801

Taco Bell Downtown Verified Business

Location Icon 310 E. College Ave PA State College 16801