Thursday, May 13, 2021
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Community Members Gather for Earth Day Climate Strike

Dozens of Penn State students and State College community members gathered on Thursday afternoon outside Old Main to call on the university and government leaders to take action against climate change and support sustainability efforts.

The Earth Day strike, organized by Penn State Climate Action, Penn State Eco Action and Sunrise State College, began at noon Thursday. There, advocates held signs and delivered speeches to promote action against climate change.

Here’s a look a how the strike unfolded Thursday afternoon:

Participants brought colorful to the event. Each had a message imploring leaders to take action against climate change.

Once community members gathered, a number of attendees delivered speeches encouraging local leaders to take action against climate change.

Siddhi Deshpande, a junior studying neurobiology and the co-founder of Sunrise State College, spoke on Old Main’s steps and encouraged leaders to resist compromises and

Former student body President Zach McKay also spoke, imploring students and administrators to do their part and take action while they can.

Students weren’t the only ones advocating for change, though. Ezra Nanes, who’s vying for the Democratic nomination for State College mayor this spring, addressed the crowd, as well.

Later on, attendees pulled out their phones to call local leaders, including U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey’s office, to demand change from Pennsylvania’s representatives.

Other signs directly addressed Fred Keller, who represents Pennsylvania’s 12th congressional district, which is home to State College and large portions of north-central Pennsylvania.

Visit Penn State Climate Action on Instagram or visit Sunrise State College’s Facebook page to learn more.